16 December 2009

Vintage Postcards

Here is another one of the great cards my mom has been hanging on to all these years. I am not sure why she never showed them to me but maybe it is because she thought I would want them which I did, of course!!! I just love all these cards and somehow knowing that they were sent by my own relatives makes them sooo special.

Merry Christmas Friends
xoxoxoxo Meg


Sheila R said...


Thank you for stopping by and commenting. What a lovely wreath, as Jesus is the reason for this wonderful season!

I wish you much joy and blessing this Christmas season.



Leah C said...

I don't think my mere words can express to you how deeply touched I am by the comforting comment you left on my blog. Reaching out to me, offering me words of kindness & comfort for the loss of my mom; it warms my heart. You have endured the worst kind of loss, losing your beautiful child, and yet you are so generous in spirit. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Meg...you & your son will most certainly be in my thoughts this holiday season. Wishing you peace & joy, Leah

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Meg, LOVE that vintage postcard!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my post today. Actually I was getting my hair cut and a little Christmas shopping to finish up! Hope you're having a good week!
hugs and blessings,