27 February 2010

A Rose for Me

Greetings! During my recent trip to Ct I had an hour to spare while my hubby was at an appointment so I headed out to do some window shopping and really had no intention of buying anything. I found a really nice home dec store and since I owned a home dec design store for 8 years I am always interested in seeing what other's  designs look like. The store had great furniture pieces. It was in a very old building and the owners had really used the charm of the past to create a gem for the present. Very sweet husband and wife team, very gracious atmosphere and super well kept store.

Anyway when I was getting ready to leave this little picture caught my eye. It was laying on its side behind a lamp and a floral piece so I couldn't really see it. As a matter of fact in getting it out I tipped a plate and made enough noise for the owner to ask if I needed any help." No, I said I was just trying to see this picture." "Oh , that just came in , Isn't it great?" she said. Well that was all the conversation I needed and at that moment I decided to purchase it. So here it is with all my favorite colors wonderful patina and flowers of course. I think I may find out who distributes this one as it would look nice on the wall of my small vintage garden shop that will open in May.I hope you have a great Pink Saturday and be sure to see what everyone else is collecting in the shades of pink at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound. 
Blessings to you! Meg

24 February 2010

Flower Show Surprise

Amaryllis in Profusion!
What a great weekend we just had. We went to CT for my Mom's 75th birthday . I went a few days early because I was to make the cake with my two grand-daughters when they returned home from school on Friday. 
While driving them to school, the radio announced that today was day two of the CT Flower Show and guess what? I was only two miles away. 
Do you know what I did while they were at school. You guessed it! Three hours alone at a flower show in February smelling daffodils, looking at gardens, seeds to buy , garden gloves and just breathing in a taste or should I say a tease of spring!
Can you imagine having this many blossoms at one time?
Unfortunately my camera's zoom got stuck right after I took these pictures so all I have to show you is these glorious pictures of amaryllis. 
I probably should have saved this one for Pink Saturday.
Certainly all creation sings of God's Glory as evident in these pictures!!!
Hope you are having a great week. It is snowing here now 10" on the ground and 10" more to come overnight and spring is just one month away. Blessings to you Meg

17 February 2010

Beauty Treatments?

Hello Ladies!
Recently I have become interested in old paper and this little booklet caught my eye at the auction. You will have a good laugh as you see some of these pictures but the phrase "You've come a long way baby." certainly rings true here!
This is a little beauty magazine from 1925 called Wilfred Waves.  It is mostly ads for all the latest beauty inventions of the time and an attempt to get shops to embrace technology in the up and coming hairdresser business.

 Now wouldn't you just love to go here for an afternoon of beauty treatments? Looks like the Emergency Room of a very old hospital or even a makeshift war hospital or worse yet the set of the original Frankenstein movie. LOL
 Now this last one is the scariest of all, can you imagine? Is it a EKG? Cat Scan? Brain Scan? No, It's your neighbor getting a permanent in 1925!!!! As I said earlier "You have come a long way baby!!!!!
I must tell you that I was inspired to write this post after reading Connie's post at Living Beautifully and she is a very brave girl to show her before picture as she begins the test of a new beauty treatment! 
God Bless You Girl and I will be sure to check back in a month. 
Blogging Away in the Northeast, yours truly Meg.

15 February 2010

The Amour Swap

Here I am finally getting the last post up of my swap weekend, the gifts I received from my swap partner, Josette.
I am so truly thankful!
I love the heart box that she covered with this elegant DaVinci print, I think I will fill it with my favorite vintage buttons that are not for sale.

When I first opened the package it smelled heavenly, not only was there wonderful french soap but a dried lavender bunch was in the box.

I love to do scrapbooking so I was so happy when I found these great embellishments in the box.
My box also had some heart candle holders, a clip on butterfly, some quaint note-cards, and a nice magnet that says Beauty.Everything was wrapped so nicely with off-white tissue paper and tied with sage green ribbon. A package to delight and enjoy for a very long time. I cannot thank Cathy enough for all her work for hosting the swap or my partner Josette for making me feel so special! And I hope everyone enjoys the show and tell parade as they peruse the blogs!. 
Blessings to you all and have a great week! Meg

Here is part 2

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Here is the rest of the information about the Amour Swap. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get it all up but this weekend also began Winter-Break and I had a houseful all weekend. Below is the list of all the participants in the Swap and I hope that you will visit them all as time allows. I do love these swaps and I appreciate all the work the coordinator Cathy put into making it awesome.Just click on the names below and follow the wonderful glitzy,fun, glamorous, pink, red, and sometimes vintage trail of gifts!!!

Sheila - Faded But Desired Treasures
Melissa - Piney Rose
Janet - Janets Creative Pillows
Debbi - The Wicker Patio
Deborah - Debs Vintage Soul
Trisha - The Brantingham Family
Vera - Olivia Paiges
Gail - The Sassy Beach
Rhea - Sweet n Shabby Roses
Sandy - Hobbnobbers
Sarah - My So Called Junky Life
Eleanor - A Bit of Pink Heaven
Jenny - Fated Follies
Linda - Country Pickins
Joyce - Scrap for Joy
Julie Ann - Kitchen Floor Creations
Stephanie - Rose Petals and Rust
Carol - Songberries
Terri - The Glittered Nest
Lisa - Lisas Craft Boutique
Chastity - One Womens Haven
Cindy - Angel Heart Designs
Tracey - Magical Kardz
Mary - Vintage Patina
Jacalyn - RME Bath Products
Mary Jo - Creative Vintage Cottage
Lisa - Pupylov
Lori - Ruffles Ribbons and Roses
Valarie - Glittery Daze and Nights
Karen - Secondhand Rose
Jayme - Flaming Biscuits On The Farm
Elyse - Tinkered Treasures
Lisa - Pale Pink and Roses
Shannon - Shabby Shans Cottage
Vivian - Vivs Whimsy
Kathy - Lil Bit Old Lil Bit New
Stephanie - Crowns and Pearls
Nancy - Coeur d'Alene Gifts
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Ramona - Samuels Family Frenzy
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Laurie - Mermaid Treasures Art
Sue - Suzeeez
Andrea - Vintage Bella Studio
Hannah - Ashmore Family
Meg - Vintage Garden Home
Nancy - Its Raining Pearls
Josette - My Grammas Soul
Angela - Henny Penny and Chickies
Melissa - Abigails Pocatello
Cassandra - My Artful Adventures
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Lorena - Rose Chic Friends
Amy - Paper Trails Leaver
Stevie - My Art Canvas
Jennifer - Jennifers Petal Palace
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Lulu - Coastal Sisters News
Jill - Jill Sibbald
Crystal - The Hummingbird Cottage
Hayley - Nesting Notions
Nicole - Gibbys Girl
Bryanna -The Canarys Cupcake

I will be adding more info as the day goes by. Enjoy the Journey! Fondly, Meg .

14 February 2010

Revealing Our Swap Partners/ Best Valentine's Day Ever

I must admit being a part of Cathy's Amour Swap made Valentines come along early and last a long time. I do get a bit confused at what I am supposed to show whether it is what I sent or what I received or both, so today I will show you what I photographed of what I sent and tomorrow what I received and just mix it up. So here goes. Cathy had suggested that we buy a heart shaped box but I found this great vintage box at the thrift store so I covered it in some of my scrap booking paper and distressed it.

 Most of the items I sent I made and they were all of the gift nature but not every one was of the valentine venue.I made some linen lavender sachets which I closed with  wooden leaf buttons
 And because no Valentine would be right without chocolate, I sent some Ghirardelli Raspberry filled chocolates with a heart and ribbon flower pin decoration.
My favorite scrap booking technique is making gift tags and here are a few of the ones I made for my new friend Josette at My Grammas Soul.

I purchased a letter J and covered it in pink and brown glitz! Us girls never outgrow our love for shimmer and shiny things you know!
 I have been collecting these vintage cookie cutter hearts so I put three together and made an ornament with a glitzy rhinestone button at the center.

More Gift Tags, Some Flower Seals, Note-cards and a book about Monet's Garden filled the package to my new friend and  swap partner Josette.Stay tuned as I show all the great things Josette sent to me! 
I just love presents don't you? Blessings Meg

13 February 2010

Pink Saturday and the Day Before Valentines

Today we join the Pink Saturday Gals as we celebrate the holiday of Love! The first thing I want to share is my latest blooming Amaryllis, this one is called Zombie and it is the only one that I was able to get to bloom from last year.
Next I must show you my little pink grand-daughters in their cute valentine aprons as we made cookies twice this week.

 And here are some of the cookies that we made.
Every Spring, actually I think they don't bloom till late June, I get these huge peonies which I just love to photograph with my girls. Lately I have been trying to make ribbon imitations and here is my first attempt. I am going to make these flowers to put on bags or hats or even wear as pins. They have magnets so they can attach easily to anything made of fabric.
 I hope you have a wonderful weekend giving that little extra to the ones you love.
Now how did that get here. Why he's not pink he's blue, but oh so cute!!!! OH NO! I think I have turned into one of those bragging grandmothers, hopefully my friends will tolerate it .But this was my little Caleb sleeping soundly as we all made cookies in the other room.Be sure to visit all the blogs for Pink Saturday hosted by the very gracious Beverly of How Sweet the Sound.
Many Blessings to you!!!!! Love Meg

10 February 2010

Vintage Valentine Postcard / A Card for my Valentine

Since Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and I want to get my Pink Saturday post up on time,plus the revealing of the Amour swap is this weekend, I figured I better show you this cute little card before I run out of time and the holiday is completely over.

I went to the drugstore and picked out a great one for my sweetheart and I was so blessed that there are so many to choose from. Hallmark did have the most wonderful cards. Here is the one I bought, and although he is not the biggest dog fan in the world when you find the right words the picture on the outside is secondary. And who wouldn't love those pups.

                                                          Happy Valentine's Day
          to the man
       I want beside me
          for the rest
          of forever.
So this is the card I will give my hubby on Sunday. I hope you have found the perfect card for your Valentine! This should be a big weekend in blogland so make sure you stop by again to see all the pretties!
Have a wonderful day. Blessings Meg

09 February 2010

85+ Handmade Valentines

This is my 50th post, a major accomplishment for me since I can't type and I learned to post a picture by accident and then had to ask someone how I did it, lol, the tools of my trade have always been needle and thread but it sure is fun to learn new things!
This past weekend my son visited with his two daughters and my daughter came over with her two daughters and the baby and we made valentines for all their classmates and would you believe it I have no pictures of the event!!!!
Now we didn't just make ordinary Valentines we went crazy with the details!!! You see my training is in wedding gowns so I know about detail!!!Each one of the girls had 20 classmates and then little Izzy in preschool had 5 teachers and you know that no two could be alike because we wanted everyone to know how special they are !       
Have a great week, Meg

01 February 2010

Buying Seeds

The time has come to order my seeds. I don't know why I always wait till the last minute, but the deadline for the coop order is Saturday so I am going to get the catalog out and figure what I want tonight, ordering seeds and February 1st means that spring is just around the corner.Yeah!!!!!!! We put a greenhouse up last year but I have not blogged about it yet so stay tuned as the seeds will be going in the soil on March 1st, is there anything more exciting than this? .

I copied this picture out of my Smithsonian Garden Journal and although I think it is a gorgeous garden print I also thought that you might enjoy it as a Valentine. I am ordering my seeds from FEDCO SEEDS this year. This company is based in Maine so I know they have the same troubles I have gardening in the northeast. I prefer organic and their catalog is an encyclopedia of information and wonderful humor with great art throughout.They do have a website though www.fedcoseeds .so check it out.You won't be disappointed!Enjoy the days getting longer!!!!!
                                   Blessings Meg