15 December 2009

Coming Today Doors of Welcome

Welcome to our Home

I visited my Mom this past weekend and low and behold she showed me all these wonderful  postcards she has been saving from my great aunt. This one was sent in 1906 and still has the glitter intact! I will be back with my door after lunch. Hope you have a great day!

Today is a rainy day so my door pictures did not come out to well but I will take new ones tomorrow and update my post. I am not much for little cliches but I do feel very strongly about making sure that the birth of 
Jesus is the focus of my whole Christmas!

This next picture is of a star that I found in a box my aunt was throwing away since I am not really into the star trend, I saved it till Christmas, a reminder of the star that pointed the way to a stable where while the rest of the world was sleeping, the son of God, Emmanuel, was born! So I  painted it the color of royalty, purple, for the
King of Kings !

Sorry the pics are so blurry but it was raining and that is the best they get for now. 
Doors of Welcome is the brainstorm idea of 
Karen at Some Days are Diamonds, make sure you stop by and see who else has decorated and then peruse all the other Doors. I plan to take a bit of time every day to visit someone new. Have a most blessed of Christmas Holidays enjoying the special times with family and friends as you celebrate the most important birthday of all time.
Blessings to You!! Meg


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful treasure!! You are a very fortunate lady!!
Merry Christmas!

Connie said...

Oooh, Meg, thank you for your visit and your comments on my blog, sugar. I do soooooo appreciate each one. I'm loving your color lavender though. There are those of us who definitely step outside the "norm" when it comes to color. Just lovely. And yes, the Savior is the reason for celebrating in THIS household, chick.....

Karen said...

Meg I'm glad you joined in. And I love the purple star. Sometimes it is the smallest detail, that many overlook, that mean the most. Thank you!
And Merry Christmas!
Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds

zandra said...

It is the true meaning of Christmas and sometimes we forget. Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas!
Hugz, Z

Anonymous said...

A wreath with Jesus on it. You know I don't think I've ever seen that. I love it! Thank you. And enjoyed seeing the star, too! Thanks for dropping by my site.

Shelia said...

Hi Meg and I thank you for popping in to see me. Your door is so lovely and your wreath! I love that you have Jesus' name on it! He is the only reason we celebrate! Lovely star!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Dawn said...

Hi Meg, your decorations are wonderful. I've seen a lot of purple and lavender in the stores this Christmas but I doubt the retailers made such an important connnection. I will look at in as much more than a trendy color now!

It's great that your mom shared the old postcards with you. I recently found some in our attic written to hubby's great-grandmother. Even his mother had never seen them. I need to remember to share the Christmas ones soon!