29 May 2010

Last Saturday in May

Sorry I am posting so late. Today was the first day we are open at the garden shop. Too much to do, Too little time. Here is my first roadside display. Our business is called New Creation Home and Garden. We sell annuals, perennials, vintage home and garden goods and some of the custom things we refurbish at our studio. I am excited about the shop because I am finally working on my own property. The studio / shop / greenhouse is really a blessing to be a part of and the folks in my little village have been very excited about us opening here.
This next picture is a hoot. My grand-daughters thought they would like to be part of my garden so they decided to plant themselves. Then they came up with an idea to get all their cousins to dress in pink and plant all four of them in my large urns  and be a part of Pink Saturday which by the way is celebrating its 2nd birthday!!!! Congratulations Miss Beverly, our host, at How Sweet the Sound. Just head on over to Bev's and follow the Pink Parade of fun!!! Aren't these two girls a riot. 
 If they get the photo shoot together I will post it later. 
God Bless you this Memorial Day weekend and may you find a moment to remember all of the men and women who have fought for this nation and made the greatest of sacrifices with their own lives. And then remember all of our service men and women who are in harms way everyday!!! 
Have a great weekend, Blessings Meg

22 May 2010

Pink May

Greetings and Happy Pinks,
I sneaked into pink Saturday this week. I bought this little vase at a thrift and I think it is vintage but I don't know anything about it. Anyone ever see one? Just the most wonderful shade of pink.And the two little pink kids holding flowers. Adorable!
I didn't get to post my Mother's Day flowers, so here is my Mother's Day Bouquet.

That's the nice thing about photos, you can post them anytime you want. Well have a great Pink Saturday and make sure to go back to Bev's at How Sweet the Sound to see all the other posts coming up pink in May.

15 May 2010

Welcome to our garden home and the third pink Saturday in May.
We have not seen the riot of the color that is going to come when the peonies begin to bloom so right now we will settle for the more subtle pinks like the crab- apple blossoms on my header or my not to subtle garden gloves which will soon not look too pink.
                         I may have showed you these petunias last season but they are a wonderful new proven winners introduction called Pretty Much Picasso and if you can find them it is worth the effort.We have purchased several to sell after we had a trial last season, they grow like crazy and I think that this urn has only one Pretty Much Picasso in it. The pink surrounded by the green edges is a show stopper.
When I had my store full time I had very little time for gardening and  I became quite indulgent with container gardening only to find they are just as much work to keep them looking good all season.Please head back to our host for Pink Saturday Beverly's How Sweet the Sound to see all the other Pink Saturday posts and have yourself a wonderful weekend. Blessings Meg

13 May 2010

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Lilacs

Hard frosts every night!!!!!! I had hoped that the damage would not be much but unfortunately the perennials showed up before it was their time and Consequently we have loses. I thought to myself last week, as I counted the lilac buds that "I should bring those lilacs in and force them" since this is their third year and finally enough for a bouquet. But He who hesitates looses................Here is what the several nights of low 20 degree weather has done to my not quite open lilac blossoms.
     They pretty much all look like this and what a shame as every May I so look forward to the lilacs and their heavenly fragrance and now no blossoms till next year.
And then there are the 45 or so Hostas that look like lettuce that was too close to the freezer! Only good thing is they will come back this season and finish up splendidly!
Gardening is like Life, victories and loses / ups and downs / sunshine and rain /joy and sorrow always making the most of the many blessings we have and trusting God to make the difference when the path is difficult.
We had tried for several nights to cover everything and then just surrendered knowing that the Greatest Gardener has everything figured out after all He created all this beauty and aren't we reminded
"Every branch that does not bear fruit, He reserves the right to prune."
I would rather be pruned and live then be left to my own devises and die on the vine. 
God is in control even when I am out of control!!!!!!! 
So back I go to the greenhouse to do some transplanting and contemplation about how I am growing in His Grace and His Love.I think the test right now is patience! Be Blessed in the Son, fondly Meg

11 May 2010

Icey Bath

I wasn't going to post today because I have had a terrible cold and I am way behind on my gardening and greenhouse duties. Besides that temps last night were in the very low 20's and I have a bunch of extra work to do to remove all the coverings we put on the most tender of the perennials some to no avail. But I love Bloomin Tuesday and wanted to see what was blooming where it may be a bit warmer than here!
My most precious blossom today is the one I put on my header. I love flowering trees and crab apples are one of my favorites, because trees and shrubs are quite new for me to be planting, I eagerly await the outcome. I planted this tree at the end of last season and I am so happy that it is now beginning to blossom!
 These are my volunteer pansies from last year. I love the volunteers that simply show up and bloom before much else in the garden has awoken from its slumber. Please pay particular attention to the disk of ice in the birdbath. Not so sure any birds will be bathing today!Predictions for night time low 30's all week, a bit more normal for this time of year. Have a great day and be sure to see what else is 

03 May 2010

Blooming in May

Greetings from my garden home,
Let's wander around and see what is blooming, I am really not a yellow flower person but it seems that in Early May that is what is blooming here.Or are those blooms?  Well what we think are blossoms are really leaves because this is a spurge, one of those plants  like the poinsettia that actually has tiny little blooms and what appears to be yellow blossoms are actually bracts, which surround the tiny little flowers. It is only beginning to show its color.
Then here is where I enjoyed my coffee today. My poor husband, with this early spring he has lost me to the garden a month early. It's not my fault honey, honest!
 This is one side of my garden room. The space is approximately 25 x 40 ft and surrounded by a 6 ft stockade fence, unfortunately we are only 8 ft from the road so the fence helps make for a very private sanctuary where we spend lots of time.
 Since I am in the process of removing the Monarda, I thought I would show you what this exact space looked like last year on the 4th of July.

There is a small deck and a slider that opens into this space from our kitchen so everyone enjoys this space.I love my garden room and have been working on it since 1996, before then it was a wasted side yard too close to the road to use at all, but now we have trees, bushes, herbs and lots of flowers and once in a while dinners, parties and grandkids learning about nature and gardening.

 To see what is blooming at some of the other flower gardens around the world, click the Bloomin Tuseday and visit Jean who has the list of everyone that is participating today.    Enjoy your day.I'll be in the garden!  Sincerely Meg

Eating from the Garden

Greetings from my garden home,
Today I am sharing my lunch with you! Every year I grow collards in my garden but because there is always so much else to choose from in the summer, we don't eat much of them till after the frost, which is when they are at their peak or so they say. My favorite time to eat them however is NOW when they are preparing to go to seed. I think if they were strong enough to make it under all that snow for 4 months of freezing weather they deserve a bit of glory now when they are beautiful ready to be harvested greens that resemble  broccoli rabe.
  So how do I cook them you ask? My favorite way to cook all greens is sauteed with garlic and olive oil. Only today I needed it to be my whole lunch and since I skipped breakfast, I was really hungry so protein was in order.
Upon remembering the great baby bella mushrooms and the baby zucchini I bought at the vegetable stand yesterday, 3 cloves of garlic and of course an onion and I'm thinking there is one chicken sausage left from the other night, yes I know a great lunch is at hand. Then I assembled, washed and chopped everything and now I was ready....
 This is cooking, smells so good..........and looks delightful... just a little time and patience and then ..... it is done! Here is a  shot of my delicious very nutritious lunch in the making. Thanks for joining me and come again soon.                                           

      Bon Appe'tit !From my Garden
                                                                   Blessings Meg

01 May 2010

Pink Saturday / May Day

Greetings from my garden home,
Today I have a short post for PS. My grands are having their first dance recital this weekend, so surely I will see lots of pink tomorrow.Did you ever buy something that was not your style at all but for some reason you had an attraction to it? That's how it was with this jardiniere / planter I am posting today.Most of the pottery that I collect is McCoy, green, or majolica and a bit more natural looking but for some reason this Capodimonte piece with its pink and yellow roses called my name and is now being displayed on my living room sideboard.
 I am not sure that it will stay here or not?  Maybe I will just keep it for awhile and then ebay or sell it at the shop. Anyway, I know I like it but is it just a bit too formal for my house? Well until I decide, I hope you like it.
Have yourself a wonderfully blessed weekend this the first one in May.Very truly yours, Meg PS To continue on the pink trail be sure to go to Bev's at How Sweet the Sound for many more pink Saturday posts.

May Day Basket Swap

Greetings from my garden home,Today is May 1st and time to show off our baskets! I received a wonderful basket [very early, i might add] from Shelly at Bungalow Bling and it is as though she has known me forever! Look at all the wonderful stuff she packed inside!
Here is all the stuff that was inside and below is the basket after I unwrapped it from the great muslin bag it was packaged in. Shells, ribbons, buttons, old pattern,vintage lace, a bit of paper stuff and those most cool bark-intact natural basket. I Love It!!!!
       Isn't This Divine!!! Thank-You Shelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just click on the button for the swap and go see all the other great
May Day Participants. Happy 1st day of May everyone!
Blessings to you, Meg