22 December 2009

Spiritual Vintage Postcards

 Super Vintage Find

I purchased 150 Vintage postcards at auction and I probably paid too much for them but I had a little Christmas money so I treated myself. The ones that have postmarks are from 1906- 1914. They are all from the same collector and it is quite fun to read them because her friends and family seem to be adding to her collection with each trying to send her one she didn't yet have in her collection.

As I went through them I noticed that not a lot of the Christmas Victorian Cards had religious themes mostly Christmas style florals with ivy, children or winter scenes, some animals and lots of nature scenes. These two were the ones I chose to be my last Christmas Postcard Post for this year because they speak of the reason for Christmas at all. I have many more but I will save them for next year.

I hope you enjoy these as you finish up your last minute details for a great holiday. Don't try to overdue remember the Peace the angels declared to the Shepherds and enjoy your time with loved ones. They won't notice what didn't get done, they just want to be with you because they love you! Be Blessed! Meg


Cottage Rose said...

Hi Meg; Love Love love the vintage post cards... they are so pretty.... Wishes for a Merry Christmas to you....


The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I love vintage cards and these are just beautiful!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!