27 December 2009

My Best Christmas Present of 2009

Yesterday, December 26,2009  my daughter, Rebecca, gave birth to my first grandson, Caleb Jonathan, and I couldn't be prouder! And like any other grandmother I have a few pictures to share of my new grandson still at the birthing center just 19 hours old.

What a Blessing . 
Thank You Lord for answering our prayers.
Now you have your little boy.
Congratulations to all of you.

Pretty cute for less than a day old eh?

Have you ever seen anything like this? A group of volunteers makes stockings for you to take his picture in and you know I had to do that!!!!!

So precious so innocent the circle of life continues as God whispers HOPE to all that will hear.

My absolute favorite my daughter and my grandson.
Becka, I am so proud of what a great Mom you are.
I love you forever!  Mom


susan said...

How cute is he in that stocking!!! I know he will be spoiled rotten with two older sisters! Congratulations!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Meg how precious is this...
Sweetie he is just as cute as a button. December birthdays are lots of fun. We have one grand daughter born Dec. 21st and the oldest one was born Dec. 25th. It has always been fun with her birthday. My youngest son was due Dec. 25th but was not born until Jan 5th. So we have several around Christmas.

I love the little pic of your sweetie in his stocking. Special pic for the holiday. You will long remember that. How exciting that she was able to have her baby at the birth center. I never was that lucky. I had my babies naturally but that type of setting was not available to us when our babies were born. All were born in a hospital, sterile setting. Weren't those the days? My daughter and daughters in law have all had c-sections, so they have had to be at a hospital.

Congratulations again sweetie. I will be watching for new pics soon.

Country hugs and Happy New Year as it sure is coming. Friends...Sherry

CC said...

How wonderful and beautiful. What a Christmas present. Congratulations to everyone..He's a beautiful baby.

Mieke said...

What a wonderful Christmas you had, Congratulations, he's so cute !

Pam said...

Such wonderful pictures. Congratulations to your entire family. You almost got a baby for Christmas. Glad mom and baby are doing well.
Happy New Year

Cathy said...

Hi Meg,

It's a pleasure to meet you. My heart goes out to you for your lost son. I have never had children and that hurts so much. I'm so glad I stopped by your blog. I wish we had met sooner.

I congratulate you on your beautiful new grandson. I so long to hold a baby in my arms. I just know I would never let it go. Hold that beautiful grandchild and kiss him for me.



♥Mimi♥ said...

You are so lucky, so lucky. I have seven grandchildren with the last being born a little over two years ago. I think that is the end for me and it makes me so sad. I just love to love tiny babies and rock them and kiss them and cuddle them and smell them. The next time you are holding that precious little one, kiss him on the top of his head from me!

kanishk said...

I know he will be spoiled rotten with two older sisters! Congratulations!

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