31 July 2009

Pink Plates

These plates were a gift from my older sister when she discovered how much I loved flowers and pink. It seems that she received them from our paternal grandmother, an avid flower gardener, and was using them for trays under her plants!!!! I have three of them and the flowers are just lovely. I wish I had been there when they cleaned out my grandmothers stuff, we were truly kindred spirits and I know she had many things I would have considered treasures to value more than their monetary value. But since I wasn't the few things I do have are priceless. Happy Pink Days to all you gals out there on Pink Saturday. Thank You Bev from How Sweet the Sound for making this fun day happen here in blog-land xooxo Meg

24 July 2009

Last Pink Saturday in July

This is my favorite daylily. It is called the Catherine Woodbury. It is truly a gorgeous ballet pink with lime-yellow throats. The only drawback to this stately beauty is the fact that she is a daylily and hence each blossom only lasts one day. Enjoy! Make sure you visit all the other Pink Ladies exhibiting today,this the last Saturday in July, hosted by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound.

18 July 2009

Our New family

Hello friends,
I can't believe a month has gone since I last posted. We hosted my son's wedding reception in our yard last weekend and it was fabulous! When he and his wife left on Tuesday it was a dark day. He is a captain in the army and will be going overseas for a year in just a couple of weeks so it was a very sad Goodbye!! Because he is stationed in WA, and we are in VT we will not get another chance to say goodbye.His wife has two beautiful little girls so I now have 8 grand daughters WOW!!! Here are a couple of pictures.

14 July 2009

Reception Bliss

Greetings from Vermont

The day for our wedding reception finally came and I must admit I could have used about another month to get ready for it. It has rained everyday for three weeks at least so we were not to surprised when it poured during the later hours of our party but not to worry everyone had a great time and our tent held up beautifully.