17 January 2010

Tell It Like It Is / We Need Each Other

Yesterday's blog was a great eye -opener for me. I have been getting up at 4 am so I was writing my post way before the sun came up,waiting for the coffee to brew. It's been kinda crumby weather lately, no sunshine for several days, Hubby is injured, Christmas is over, then came the terrible tragedy in Haiti,so all in all I was a wee bit down! Consequently when I started my post, it reflected my lack of positive energy. If there is anything I have learned in this life it is how important absolute truth is. I  will dig for truth like it is buried treasure. I would never try to hurt anyone's feelings by being cruel with the truth but I want to speak what is on my heart, and be understood in the moment.

Yesterday, I needed someone to tell me they understood, and they cared and that is exactly what you my friends did!!!!! You shared the journey.
You reached out. You were present.    Thanks........

As the day wore on the sun did shine and I did have a great day with the ladies at my woman's breakfast. Then today I discovered two family members that 
read my blog faithfully one of which commented that she checks it more than once a day.Wow such love.

Which leads me to the truth of this blog, We all need to be validated by the people in our lives, some of us are outgoing and upbeat- most of the time but we all need to be strengthened and encouraged by our friends and family.
If I were to say where I could have improved as a parent, I would say I didn't tell my kids  enough how awesome they were as they were growing up, Yes they knew I loved them and that I was always there for them. But if I could do it again I would tell them more often what they were doing right and ignore so much more of the imperfections! I hope you are listening guys as I know that I have the most wonderful adult children in the world!!!!

Do you remember the Amaryllis that I showed you blooming at  Christmas, well that stalk put forth 7 flowers and died as another stalk was popping through the soil and this one has 8 buds on it . Here is a picture of the second set of blooms, on the packaging the bulb came in, the description says 'Neon' "Perfect for bold interiors and outrageous personalities....Loves to shock and awe" 
My sister knew exactly what she was doing when she gave me this, we share the same air. She is the friend everyone wishes they had and I love her to pieces! 
Thanks Sis!
" A friend loves at all times" Proverbs 17:17

PS   The temperature has been above 32 degrees for two days in a row. It has  made me feel a bit spring like, so I changed my header to one of the pictures of the wedding flowers for Seth and Britt's Wedding Reception.
I will change it soon but I needed the color today.
Let the Son Shine!!!

Blessing, Meg.

15 January 2010

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

I haven't blogged for awhile and I was actually thinking about giving it up. Does anyone read it anyway I ask myself and then I meet a friend who doesn't blog and isn't even a follower but somehow she found my blog and she confirms that I haven't been around in blogland and maybe people do read it she says [ since she does ] and they just don't comment. I wonder??? I read alot more blogs than I comment on so I wonder if  anyone else does the same. I guess  we all need encouragement sometimes so, I think I will take much better notice when I visit my blog friends and stop long enough to say ..........   
Hello Again Friend!!!

     I am working on my package for the Amour Valentine Swap and I've been digging through some old stuff for inspiration.
"Oh Look! Here's my Garden Journal, and only nine weeks left till spring!!!!"

We had such great plans to get all the shelving done in the basement and work on the filing system this month and the list goes on and on and just  as we were getting ready to tackle the basement my DH took a wicked fall on the ice and tore a muscle in his shoulder and boy  has he been in pain. So consequently the " Let's get organized shout" that resounded from the walls of our humble abode has turned into a still small voice awaiting better days and healing.
Hubby You are the BEST!

Remember when I bought these great vintage postcards? Here are a few for you to enjoy.This genteel lady is outstanding don't you think?

Enjoy your weekend and do have fun!!!

  Blessings to you all! Meg 

04 January 2010

The Cost of Organization or Disorganized Disaster

     My husband and I waited for the holiday season to be over before we began the re-organization of our lives project.Now that our beautiful daughter has her little baby boy and everyone is back to their normal lives we are ready to begin.We plan to spend the whole month on this activity and have broken it into little doable projects and put our steps and ideas down on paper. Hubby does not want me to show any before pictures but alas how will you know how great it is if you can't see where it began!

How we arrived at this crossroad: Remember this did not happen overnight!!!! We have had several of our family members move in and out the last three years and everyone without fail has left oodles of stuff here and me being the guardian of memories and sentiment as well as family traditions, I made no attempt to get rid of anything or even threaten to throw anything away! I myself am an avid collector, seamstress and crafter who can find a use for anything, someday.....

       Well enough is enough and now we must proceed to unclutter our lives, beginning in the basement or laying the foundation! As I write this my SH is on his way to buy the first lumber for our project, six 16 ft long 12" wide boards to build shelves in the basement total cost $105.The shelves will run the whole 16' wall with plenty of space for paint, light bulbs, hardware, plumbing supplies and all the other things you know you have but just can't seem to find them! 
 Believe it or not our spiritual lives can run parallel to our life in the natural and at times needs to be un-cluttered. How many great devotionals do you have that you never read, how many packages of beautiful notecards that just didn't get sent, cds or worse boxes of cassette tapes that will never be played or how often does someone or something interrupt your quiet time and you never quite get back to it, are you like me afraid to give away or throw away all that great stuff because it just might be useful, you just might need it? A good friend of mine [someone organized beyond measure] told me that all these "things" remain baggage or open loops as she called them in our brains and do not allow us the perfect peace that our spirits so need to grow. Guess what? I have no guilt or condemnation at all just the desire to start the process and take it one day at a time. You've gotta start somewhere, so here we go Lord beginning the journey to peace with the stuff.
                                           Having a great time on this journey, yours truly, Meg

02 January 2010

Baby Blue One Week Old

I know that this little guy isn't really pink, but please indulge me, he has two pink sisters that I've shown you before. He is one week old today.

Notice the pink flowers by his face and have a wonderful Pink Saturday. Make sure you get back to Beverly's at How Sweet the Sound to peruse all the other pink posts. Have a great weekend! Blessings Meg