10 December 2009

Last Weeks Pink Saturday

I finally have my NEW PRINTER up and running so I am doing last week's post first.
I am so excited about it ! Hubby said I could get it as my early Christmas Present. 
What fun to scan, print, copy, and edit in the comfort of my own home. 

This picture is a blast from the past.  Every year, right before Christmas, my dad would come home and take all eight of us kids out Christmas Caroling.  Here we are at someone's door singing our little hearts out. I am the second one in from the left.
My Mom is the shortest of the girls there with her hand around my brother. 
I can't remember if I liked  this activity or not but I know that as I got older this type of thing would have embarrassed me. Kinda makes me wonder how many times I have embarrassed my own kids?! 
Sorry guys but I did it in love!
I hope you are enjoying this time of year with all its family traditions and opportunities to
Share the Love of Christ.
It is a Wonderful Life!

Christmas Blessings to you and yours! Meg

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