29 August 2009

Vintage Pink Linens

I'm so sorry to be posting so late but some how I got one of those little stomach bugs but now I am better. 
Today for PS I am sharing a set of vintage linens.
They were carefully wrapped in tissue paper all these years and never used.
I think they must have been a treasured wedding gift because all the other linens that I bought at this estate sale were definitely  used.

 This is the dish towel made of linen, the woman is painted on in pink and gray with an organza type skirt ruffle. Her parasol also has the same ruffle.

Here is the toaster cover which I had to stuff to get it to stand up because my toaster/ bagel maker is much to big. And then the piece below completes the set. My husband thought it might be a breadbox cover but I am not sure. Any ideas? It is 19" wide by 13" tall by 9 1/2" deep. We estimate the age to be between the 30's and 50's any other ideas? Happy Pink Saturday to you and I hope to get around to see you all this weekend after I check in with 
Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.Enjoy your weekend! Meg

21 August 2009

Country Style Pink

Yesterday as I was traveling I was thinking about Pink Saturday and I decided to see how much pink I noticed along my journey. Now some of you know I live in a very rural area and things do happen different around here. So these are the pinks on my way to church [16 miles each way] and a couple of pinks when you get there!

Sometimes pink is universal and not as romantic as we would have it .

Please allow me to indulge myself as most of them are of the horticultural persuasion!
This next picture is of a retired piece of farm equipment at an active dairy farm with a greenhouse/vegetable stand. Love the recycle re-use application I'm sure the cows appreciate it also..when I asked the farmer if I could take a picture, He said Oh, you mean the "manure spreader" How great for pink Saturday Huh?

And without further ad- do here we are at church , the nursery kids planted these inpatients in their play yard and get very excited to see how much the flowers grow each week.And then there is their cute little pink table set.

Aren't these the most gorgeous windowboxes? This is a diner and the woman who does these does them for free to advertise her floral business[she is in her 70's] and for an occasional free breakfast. I wish you could meet her , she is such a hoot.Always dirt under her fingernails!

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you enjoy your PS Make sure to check back at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound and see how many blogs you can catch this weekend.xoxo Meg

19 August 2009

Garden Bean Pole

Here is our beanpole on July 17, considering that we usually get a frost the end of August first week of September these plants know they have to be fast growing.

This picture was taken on August 17, we are beginning to pick beans and the neighbors are sneaking in the yard to see what we are growing!!! Hah Hah!!
I can see now why the story of Jack and the Beanstalk was almost believable. My husband made this pole this spring from a pattern I found in a garden decorating book. The pole itself is 10 feet tall but the plants are already a foot over that!! I hope to fill my freezer with beans or maybe go and see the giant!!!

15 August 2009

Depression Glass Pink for Saturday

For pink Saturday I am sharing some of my pink depression glass.
A few of the pieces were given to me by my Mom but most of them I have purchased on the vintage/ auction/ flea market circuit.

I especially like the pitcher with the green handle. Both of my favorite colors on the same piece. I had wanted to share more but my computer was having a bad day and would not upload the pictures. [Back to the tutorials for me!!!] Be sure to go to Beverly's at How Sweet the Sound and see all the other pink posts from the blogging professionals! Have a great week and enjoy these last wonderful days of summer, God's gift of the seasons. All Happy Days. Meg

08 August 2009

A Life of Pink

I am so late getting my post up but since I still visit posts for pink Saturday till Wednesday I will just post late.

My son left for the Middle East on Thursday and I had 5 visiting grand-daughters that I took to Maine this week to see my parents. We had a blast even though one of them picked up a terrible stomach flu and didn't get out of bed for two days. When I returned home the stargazer lilies [my favorite] were in
bloom so I will show you what my house looks like when you drive by and then a few highlights!

I wanted to dress them all in pink but they were leaving for a 5-hour drive to catch a ferry and I didn't have time. Maybe next time they will want to be a part of pink Saturday! Go see Bev at How Sweet the Sound for all the other gals going pink this fine Saturday in August!!

Have a most blessed day with the people you love and tell them again how much they mean to you! All Happy Days xoxoxoMeg