25 September 2010

Pink in September

Greetings from our garden home,

I haven't been around for PS for awhile but that doesn't mean that the pink has gone!!!! No, There is still plenty of pink. Yesterday was my daughter's birthday and my grand-daughter and I have been planning to make her a cake for Sunday afternoon so this little one is spending the weekend with me.
 I happen to find these great little boots for her and she is so excited. She loves them!!!!!!!! I thought that they were perfect garden boots as Izzy is my best garden helper but she wants to wear them all the time!!
 So nice that she is still a little princess too! She picked this fabric which she calls Birthday Cake and we are making her a swirl skirt. Of course she had to have pink tulle to go over the fabric to make it more special.
So as you can see we have our weekend well planned with lots of fun and lots of pink. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and make sure to stop back at Beverly's at How Sweet the Sound to see all the lovely ladies who surround themselves with pink!!!
"Yea, Thou shalt see thy children's children and peace upon Israel."  Psalm 128:6
                                                                  Many Blessings Meg

23 September 2010

29 degrees-Goodbye Summer 2010

Greetings from the north country,

I think I don't like goodbyes!!         No, I know I don't like goodbyes!!

Last night was our first frost and the end of the bright colors of summer in my garden. Goodbye tomatoes, goodbye summer squash, goodbye pole-beans, and goodbye beautiful zinnias. Goodbye warm and wonderful sun on my back as I till my own little Eden.

I am however so blessed that the greenhouse was able to welcome many of my container gardens and I will have them around for another month or so. I will truly enjoy this!
As much as i don't like goodbyes, I do like to meet new people and learn new things. My header is my first attempt at a banner mosaic and although I will probably change it often with new pictures, it shows some of the things I have learned at an e-photoshop class created by Kim Klassen at her cafe.She has two classes and many video tutorials on her sight, and she is a great teacher.Below is just me playing with texture.
  It is the best $29 I have ever spent.I am putting her button on my sidebar so you can go there and check it out. 
              I also must give credit to the background fairy for the label I used on the french flower bucket [in my header banner] which came from her collection of wonderful vintage graphics found at her blog. Button on sidebar too! . I am still working on my photo watermark but I think I need to do that class again. May you enjoy this very colorful time of year knowing it is very short lived!!! Blessings to you  Meg

09 September 2010

On the run in Brimfield!

Greetings blogger friends,
         Somehow or other I managed to throw my back out as we set up for Brimfield Antiques Show and I am home mending for a couple of days so I am rested up for the weekend and the final three days of the show.

        My poor hubby always goes along with these crazy adventures of mine, he keeps his sense of humor and always supports me when I am getting low or down. I was wondering if it was going to be worth it as we went crazy finishing up last minute details and then just as I was thoroughly exhausted, I looked up and low and behold a rainbow!
Hubby flashes me one of those big "I love you" smiles and somehow I had the peace of God and knew we would do alright.
 So, Here we are in Brimfield and we are having a blast and we are getting 
such positive feedback that I wonder what took me so long to get here.
But as I have said before there is a time and
A season for everything  under the Son!
These pictures are of our booth on day one.
I will show you more pics when we get home so until then, I hope you see
the Promises of The Lord in your everyday life. 
Blessings to you and yours, fondly Meg