21 November 2009

Pink Thanksgiving

I have been working on my pink post for two days and I keep making mistakes and loosing everything,  so I am posting this picture of the recent starfish project with my latest card of pink vintage buttons. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the people you love and may God bless you all with a deeper revelation of Himself. And remember to go back to Beverly's and see all the other pink happenings for this countdown till Thanksgiving Day.
Blessings Meg

15 November 2009

Thanksgiving doors of Welcome

 Welcome Friends


Welcome to my house where we are thankful for Jesus as our Savior !!!!!!!
Here is my first attempt at creating a door decorated for Thanksgiving.
I really enjoyed doing this project but I do wish I had given myself more time. Anyway if you want to see all the other doors, and they are magnificent. You can go to Karen's Some Days are Diamonds as she is the sponsor for this festive event. I am trying to get her sidebar posted but for now just click on her blog name. I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I have met these last six 
 months since I have been blogging. Thank you for your friendships ladies!!!

Here is my front door decorated for Thanksgiving. I still want to do a flag to celebrate my favorite holiday but I might not get the chance.

This planter has some ornamental kale in it still but everything else had to be added since it has been months since our last frost.

This wreath means alot to me it is actually a cross which I keep changing the decor on. It was turkey season here last month and the feathers are ones we found while out walking.Have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family remembering the Lord and giving thanks for all the Blessings we enjoy still in this country. God Bless! Meg

14 November 2009

My November Pinks

Greeting to you all on this wonderful day in November.
Today it is raining in Vermont and I am glad it isn't snowing yet. Last year we had snow by now so I am enjoying still seeing the green grass.Today for pink Saturday I am showing this little hand painted metal basket. It is so shabby vintage and I plan to put it in the shop or sell it online. I just had to get a picture of it before it went. I 've always wished that I could paint. Is that a talent one is born with or can you actually learn to do this?

This is a pillow that I had for sale at my shop. It is a gorgeous vintage fabric with these huge bouquets. I am so glad that it didn't sell because I am re-doing my living room in a botanical theme [big surprise huh?] and this pillow works perfect. I'll show you more as I progress. But I do want to tell you that I painted the walls this gorgeous chocolate brown and  it makes an awesome back drop to all the other colors. Everything just pops!

Now, I want to show you all my adventures in computer land. As of  a year ago the only thing I could do on the computer was get my e-mail so when I put together this collage of my summer pics I must admit I was pretty proud! He he, he, you can teach an old dog new tricks!!! 

 Be sure to go to Beverly's How Sweet the Sound [she's the pink Saturday queen] Bless her heart. Once there you can see the list of all the other pink enthusiasts.Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love. Blessings Meg

12 November 2009

Overjoyed by my Son's Return Halleluia!!!!!!!

I wish I could have been in Dallas today as this handsome son of mine got off the plane. Thank you people for always meeting the planes and letting these guys know they are appreciated by their fellow Americans. He's on his way back to WA so I probably won't see him until February but we are overjoyed to have him in the states. What a blessing that his wife was in Texas staying with her mother and was able to surprise him, before he got right back on another plane to Seattle. They will be re-united next week when he goes to bring his family back to the Tacoma area. Welcome Home Bubba!

We Love You Guys!! 

11 November 2009

Meaningful Veteran's Day

This is my son, Seth. He is a Captain in the United States Army.
He is finishing up a deployment in Iraq and we can't wait to have him on American soil again. Notice the wedding band, he was married 5 months before his deployment. The sacrifices the military must make to keep us free are amazing and their willingness to do so is honorable to say the least.
You are all our Heroes!
I am so proud of you Captain Seth and I honor you and all our military this Veterans Day! 
Thank You and may God keep you safe!

07 November 2009

Wonderful Saturday

Greetings to all!
For the first time in my life I don't work on Saturday. Of course I have my grand-girls just about every weekend but one could hardly call that work! Today I have some very pretty pink pine cone ornaments that I purchased at auction. I am not sure that they are vintage but they were too pretty to resist.

Be sure to visit Beverly's Blog How Sweet the Sound to see what everyone else is showing for Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend. Also I am trying hard to visit as many new people as I can each week and this week I visited Judy at her blog Vintage to Chic, she has some very pretty things to show you and if you are interested in them she even has them for sale at her website. Have a glorious weekend and God Bless You and Yours with the wonder of His Creation!!