25 September 2009

Pink Leaves

I think the leaves were pink today as I rode down the road so I stopped to take a picture. Maybe you can't see how pink they were in the picture but it sure is spectacular here this time of year.

The colors are just beginning here so stay posted for more changes as the season unravels. What I really wanted to show you all is my new pink mirror which I purchased at auction and will sell at my store which I now  share with a friend. I am excited about this new adventure as I have always wanted to share space and not be so confined.

So here is a picture of the store which has her name on it." Susan's Decor Station" It is an old gas-station that she turned into an antique/ vintage decor boutique. 

Please make sure you get to Beverly's at How Sweet the Sound to visit all the other pink posts.And while you are out and about please stop by my friend Vicky at Bunny Cottage and see her gorgeous garden adornments. Have a wonderful weekend remembering the wonderful things we enjoy in this country because of our freedom and God Bless You! Meg


24 September 2009

Autumn Begins

Here we are at the beginning of fall. I see by most of the decorating posts that this is a big season for decorating. Usually I am too busy to do too much but I've decided to do my front-door this year, here are a few pictures from this week. Notice how the colors are beginning to change.

Below is the before of my front door, which I hope will be done by this weekend.

 As you can see I have to paint the trim still so it will be a big job but stay posted as I progress.
Cheers! Meg 

04 September 2009

Late Garden Pinks

Today for pink Saturday I am showing you the last pink flower to bloom in my garden actually the last two pink  flowers to bloom. The first is my hot pink phlox which I wait patiently for [well actually anxiously] because it really doesn't bloom till the last week of August and then it is such a hot pink that you would think it would be a heat lover of July. Above is  what it looks like in the garden and then in a bouquet below with other late flowers.It is a wonderful cut flower and if you need me to I will find out the name of this cultivar. I positively would not do without it in my garden!

          And before I say goodbye I want to make sure you all have sedum in your garden. This cultivar is called Matrona which means " grandmother " and is a wonderful pink all the way till November. Enlarge this photo and you will notice all the bees gathering their pollen to make honey for the winter. 

The flowers we choose for our gardens, like everything else in our lives, are not arbitrary and this one certainly is not.  My sister wanted me to have Matrona  because, of my three sisters,  I was the first to become a grandmother. A title I affectionately wear with pride and honor. Enjoy your weekend and the last delicious days of summer. Make wonderful  memories with the children in your life, you will never be sorry. Blessings Meg

02 September 2009

Dining Alfresco with My Guy

Today is probably one of the top ten days of the year! 85degrees, no humidity, the sky is clear and the most perfect of blue and the greens are still the darkest and most lush of the season. Hubby and I have a few days that are not over-planned every once in awhile and today is one of them.
So I think to myself, how do I bless the greatest guy I've ever known? Julia Childs would know the answer to this question or even Paula Deen. With food of course! So off we go to the  garden with our table set romantically for two.
I still have so much summer squash and now we are eating them when they are tiny to beat the frost, so sauteed baby yellow squash , and pan-seared-scallops were for tonight's dinner but hubby has a meeting so lunch it is ! Couscous provides the grain and a cranberry / raspberry spritzer is our beverage.Yum Yum!! 
  Now will you just look at who is clearing the table! It is a wonderful life!!!!

Thank you God for a guy whose greatest ambition is to love You and his family!!!