31 October 2009

Christmas Cactus Blooming


Although today is Halloween the Christmas cactus is blooming in the kitchen which is nice for me since flowers are one of my passions and all the flowers except these pansies are dead in the yard.

 If you want to see all the other great pinks on this the orange and black holiday you should stop by Bev's at How Sweet the Sound and then visit the new blog I visited this week, Ann at Anne Fannie's Green Acres. She has the cutest pups ready for the holiday and she makes gorgeous gift tags which she sells at her Etsy shop. Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next week. Blessings, Meg

24 October 2009

Computer Saved

Greetings Friends

I am so glad to be back on line. My wonderful husband took my computer out and had it fixed while I was away on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. What a great trip I had! God did such awesome things and I met so many wonderful people.  I was truly blessed even though it was also a very difficult week for me, being the first anniversary of the loss of my precious son Jonathan. I will share a few pictures but I also started a new blog  My Mission Trips to let all my supporters know all about my trip.
The picture on the banner is a rainbow the Lord blessed me with the morning after there was a great word of encouragement for my husband and myself. The last several years I have received wonderful confirmation in the form of a rainbow assuring me that the ever loving Creator of the universe is mindful of me and cares about my struggles and life challenges.

05 October 2009

Computer Crash

Dear Friends,
    I will not be able to post again for awhile. My computer has crashed and will not accept an internet connection. I am using my husband's computer to write this but that won't work for the long hall. Just when I was getting used to traveling the world wide web it is gone! Hopefully we will get me up and running before too long as I already miss seeing what you are all doing.
I am going on a Mission Trip for  ten days to the Dominican Republic so that will keep my computer from getting the help that it needs. Please keep me in your prayers and you will see plenty of pictures when I return to blog land. Many Blessings to you and yours! Meg