29 April 2010

Greenhouse Progress

Greetings from my garden home,
I had been trying to get seeds planted for our open house but we didn't get the heat situated on time so I was only able do a small amount since I have to bring them in every night to avoid the below freezing evenings we are having.I did however get the elephant ears divided up and they are on their way to stardom.The other seeds that are started here are the castor bean, a favorite of mine for a stunning exotic display.
More seedlings although not to far along.
 Now I thought this would interest some of you as you work out in your gardens in the warm fresh air. What you see is the last of yesterday's snow melting on the north side exterior wall of the greenhouse and the next picture is the thermometer showing the temperature in the greenhouse with the doors open, keep in mind that this is a very cool windy day with the high to be about 48 degrees. I am so blessed to have this greenhouse to enjoy but hubby is sure hoping that it turns a profit after all the cash we've invested.

   Isn't life grand. Thanks for stopping by, 

28 April 2010

April 28th is that really you?

Greetings from my garden home, I have changed my banner to show you what greeted me today, and I must say it is really quite beautiful although I am not sure of its effect on the growing season, especially the fruit trees.

What a difference a day can make!!!!
Climate changes are everywhere, demonstrating our interconnection with one another and our interdependence on the same earth for existence. It does seem that there are vast differences in opinions as to what has caused all these changes but I have always believed that those who confess to know our loving Creator, The God of the Bible, should be the most concerned about our environment and the most willing to take care of it. After all, the earth is His gift to us and as He created, He saw that it was good and very, very good! So as for me?!  I Declare Every Day is Earth Day!
Enjoying God's Good Earth! Fondly Meg

27 April 2010

Snow Snow Go Away! Come again some other day!

Greetings from my garden home,
 This has been the strangest year for weather that is for sure! Here are a few pics for Bloomin' Tuesday and although the flowers aren't unusual for most gardeners, it is rare for them to be this far along while the calendar still says April! So I am glad I grabbed the camera today because this may all look very different after Wednesday. The prediction is for snow and cold so we will see.

 Hopefully I will get this thing figured out and be able to show what is blooming here every week. There is always something in bloom here.This post is my first post for Blooming Tuesday.Just hit the button on my sidebar and follow the trail of blossoms!  Blessings Meg

24 April 2010

Enjoying the last Saturday in April 2010

Greetings from my garden home,
Spring is everywhere around us  here and although these peony stems popping their little heads through the still cool dark soil may blur the line between pink and purple, it sure is great to see them emerge after the cold of winter. 
It has been an early spring for us here in the northeast and I am wondering if a frost will kill all this wonderful display and then everything will have to begin again. Before there is any harvest, there is preparing the soil, planting the seed, tending the garden, and then the harvest or in this case , a gorgeous display of color. Gardening is a glorious work of anticipation and wonder. I am always amazed at our Creator's work and design!!!
I love my garden!
Tuesday was my little grand-daughter's 5th birthday and she came over to celebrate and bake a cake with her Mema, me. I told her I had several little presents and we started with these great dress-up shoes and of course because she just loves to pose for pictures here are her shoes, or to coin her phrase Viola!!!!
Oh if they would only stay little longer. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get to visit some of the other pink displays by going to our sweet host Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Blessings to you, Meg

17 April 2010

Pink at the Auction

Welcome to my garden home,
Today is Pink Saturday, well at least that is what some of us bloggers call the Saturdays that we choose to participate in Beverly's at How Sweet the Sound pink posting extravaganza!
So here is what I am sharing today two recent purchases from the local auction.This first one is probably going to be used to contain flowers and plants for an outside display at the garden shop. I paid $4 for it and just love it. Now do you think that any of you would resist this little gem.
When the auctioneer held up this little piece, I think he thought the roses were on both sides so the side we saw had no flowers on it, but since I was the one who requested it , I knew what both sides looked like and was the lucky bidder to get it for $5. It is German and in excellent shape except for one little pin chip that I may actually have done. Peruse around the blogs and visit all the other pink participants by clicking on Bev's name above. Happy Pink Saturday to You! Blessings Meg

16 April 2010

I knew this would happen!

Greetings from my garden home,
April Showers bring May flowers or so the song goes, but do snow showers or even a couple of inches of snow bring anything in May? Like I said in my last post we could easily get snow again and it is not out of the ordinary in fact it is to be expected! All that warm, gorgeous, delightful sunshine that sent the temps here into the high 60's  and low 70's now that was extraordinary and I LOVED IT!!!!!! But just look at what today brought!
Doesn't  send me into a tither because I know I can't do anything about it so I will continue on my path of learning to be content in whatever circumstances I am found.
My Scripture verse for today............
[ Philippians 4:11" Not that I speak from want for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am."]
 Here is another little picture showing an update of my ever growing daffodil gardens. Oh well, I think she will perk up once the sun comes out again. I will see you tomorrow for Pink Saturday and enjoy your weekend and day to rest.
                                                    Blessings Meg

08 April 2010

Early Spring

Hello Girlfriends
I don't think that an early spring changes much, except maybe I will worry more about whether my early flowers will survive a hard frost that we are sure to get this being only the very beginning of April. Heck we could easily get a foot of snow between now and Mother's Day. But all that being said, it is sure awesome to have garden flowers in bloom and these few warm sunny days to enjoy.These pictures are my garlic bed. Last year at this time I was wondering if the garlic [still buried under snow]  would come up or not since I had planted them when the ground was frozen right after Thanksgiving and literally buried them with chunks of frozen ground and leaves. But I had a wonderful harvest and just used the last bulb a couple of days ago.
  They kinda look like daffodils at this point but that will all change as spring gives way to summer and the days get warmer and warmer. If you have a garden, you just must grow some garlic.It is the last thing you plant in the fall making the gardening season a bit longer and then it is harvested sometime in late July or early August.Everyone around here brags about the scapes that are like little baby garlic treats we fry up with a bit of butter several weeks before the final harvest. It is a bit mysterious the way garlic stays under the ground all winter and then comes up super early in spring
We only do organic gardening here and have had great success with garlic.Knowing we have prepared ahead and now have good fertile soil assures us we have done our part for a good harvest. My favorite parables that Jesus told were about sowing and reaping and the good vs the hard soils, things we have control over both in the natural and the spiritual. So much of our spiritual life can be paralleled with gardening, we will reap what we sow both now and throughout eternity. Spending a bit more time in preparing the soil of your heart and then planting good seed will reward you with a great harvest.
                                Enjoying time in the Son, blessings Meg