31 December 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

Greetings Friends, 
I've heard this statement [Once in a Blue Moon] all my life and always wondered where it came from until this week. Once in a blue moon really refers to the season that has four full moons instead of the usual three. It happens every 2 and 1/2 years or so.
Commonly it has become known as the month with two full moons and that month is December this year and tomorrow will be the "blue moon" or 2nd full moon of December.
I guess having a blue moon on New Years Eve is even rarer and that only happens every 19 years so we shall enjoy it!
Because some of this naming of the moon was based on tradition and folklore there may be errors in the science but one thing can not be disputed and that is the gorgeous moon that will shine tonight.

This is last night's moon and since I took this picture at dusk it really does appear blue, everything but the moon that is!
God loves us so much to show such beauty for our enjoyment.
 Just like in the natural our spiritual lives offer "Once in a Blue Moon" opportunities,  occasions arise when everything falls into place for us to make a difference in the Kingdom of God by making a difference in someone else's life.
  As followers of Christ, the spirit of God dwells mightily within us equipping us to service in His Name. We do however want these times to work within our busy hectic lives, or if we feel like it,or if it just happens easily, and that will not  often be  the case.
It is almost always going to cost you something to share the love of Christ whether you are doing it in Word or in Deed that is why it is called a sacrifice.  
You have to give up something to get it.
Christmas by the world's calendar is over but not for us who
Believe in the Power of God to change lives through His Spirit! The spirit of giving, the spirit of love, the spirit  of sacrifice and forgiveness can permeate our lives like no other time in history! We can make a difference!! 
The Word of God encourages us "And  do not forget to do good and to share with others for with such sacrifices God is pleased" Hebrews 13:16 .
May you be richly blessed as you seek "blue moon" opportunities to shine light in a dark world.Have a wonderful New Year celebration.  In Him Meg    . .

27 December 2009

My Best Christmas Present of 2009

Yesterday, December 26,2009  my daughter, Rebecca, gave birth to my first grandson, Caleb Jonathan, and I couldn't be prouder! And like any other grandmother I have a few pictures to share of my new grandson still at the birthing center just 19 hours old.

What a Blessing . 
Thank You Lord for answering our prayers.
Now you have your little boy.
Congratulations to all of you.

Pretty cute for less than a day old eh?

Have you ever seen anything like this? A group of volunteers makes stockings for you to take his picture in and you know I had to do that!!!!!

So precious so innocent the circle of life continues as God whispers HOPE to all that will hear.

My absolute favorite my daughter and my grandson.
Becka, I am so proud of what a great Mom you are.
I love you forever!  Mom

26 December 2009

Last Pink Saturday of 2009

I love pink and those that know me know how much!
My sister Kate, knows how much I love pink flowers so she gave me this pink 
amaryllis for Thanksgiving assuring me that it would bloom for Christmas.
And it did! Happy Pink Saturday to you.Be sure to get to Beverly's to get the list for all the other pink girl posting this last Saturday in 2009!

Here it is on December 20th.

Here it is on December 22nd.

December 25th 2009!

Isn't she Beautiful!
All Heaven and Nature Sings
Have a wonderful weekend with friends and family on this last weekend of 2009!
Blessings, Meg

22 December 2009

Spiritual Vintage Postcards

 Super Vintage Find

I purchased 150 Vintage postcards at auction and I probably paid too much for them but I had a little Christmas money so I treated myself. The ones that have postmarks are from 1906- 1914. They are all from the same collector and it is quite fun to read them because her friends and family seem to be adding to her collection with each trying to send her one she didn't yet have in her collection.

As I went through them I noticed that not a lot of the Christmas Victorian Cards had religious themes mostly Christmas style florals with ivy, children or winter scenes, some animals and lots of nature scenes. These two were the ones I chose to be my last Christmas Postcard Post for this year because they speak of the reason for Christmas at all. I have many more but I will save them for next year.

I hope you enjoy these as you finish up your last minute details for a great holiday. Don't try to overdue remember the Peace the angels declared to the Shepherds and enjoy your time with loved ones. They won't notice what didn't get done, they just want to be with you because they love you! Be Blessed! Meg

19 December 2009

Christmas Traditions

Enjoying the Season
Since moving to Vermont 10 years ago, some new traditions have developed for the holidays. First I must say that Thanksgiving is our family's major holiday.The kids and grandkids begin to arrive on Wednesday and the last ones leave on Sunday afternoon.  Everyone's favorite holiday!!!

But when Christmas comes along we seem to have different traditions.My husband is a Pastor so much of the time during this holiday is centered around church-life.  We have a blended family of eight kids and 16 grand-kids and it seems that the tradition has become to come and visit the folks between Christmas Eve and New Years Day and whatever else you do you must get outside and have some fun because it is beautiful. The picture above is our little village taken from the hill behind our house where we all go sledding. 
Kinda like a Currier and Ives eh?

This is my youngest son Seth trying out his new snowshoes. As long as you keep moving you will not get cold! I am also snowshoeing with him but as usual I am taking the pictures.

Two of the girls sledding. Last year they received snowboards for Christmas but it was so cold the day we tried them out the camera kept shutting down and the pictures didn't come out. I have a few more to show but I will do that with my next post. Make sure you stop back to Beverly's Pink Saturday post to get a list of all the other participants on this our Christmas Traditions Post. Enjoy your family traditions and the wonders of the season.Have the Merriest of Christmases Ever .
Much Love Meg

16 December 2009

Vintage Postcards

Here is another one of the great cards my mom has been hanging on to all these years. I am not sure why she never showed them to me but maybe it is because she thought I would want them which I did, of course!!! I just love all these cards and somehow knowing that they were sent by my own relatives makes them sooo special.

Merry Christmas Friends
xoxoxoxo Meg

15 December 2009

Coming Today Doors of Welcome

Welcome to our Home

I visited my Mom this past weekend and low and behold she showed me all these wonderful  postcards she has been saving from my great aunt. This one was sent in 1906 and still has the glitter intact! I will be back with my door after lunch. Hope you have a great day!

Today is a rainy day so my door pictures did not come out to well but I will take new ones tomorrow and update my post. I am not much for little cliches but I do feel very strongly about making sure that the birth of 
Jesus is the focus of my whole Christmas!

This next picture is of a star that I found in a box my aunt was throwing away since I am not really into the star trend, I saved it till Christmas, a reminder of the star that pointed the way to a stable where while the rest of the world was sleeping, the son of God, Emmanuel, was born! So I  painted it the color of royalty, purple, for the
King of Kings !

Sorry the pics are so blurry but it was raining and that is the best they get for now. 
Doors of Welcome is the brainstorm idea of 
Karen at Some Days are Diamonds, make sure you stop by and see who else has decorated and then peruse all the other Doors. I plan to take a bit of time every day to visit someone new. Have a most blessed of Christmas Holidays enjoying the special times with family and friends as you celebrate the most important birthday of all time.
Blessings to You!! Meg

11 December 2009

Christmas Centerpiece from Flea Market Finds

Warmest Holiday Greetings!
  There are only 13 days till Christmas Eve! YIKES!!! I am making a centerpiece from some things I purchased at my favorite thrift! The swan is just gorgeous and she cost a whole $3! She is made of ceramic and has peeling paint in black, white and a great sorta bronze color. The guy who runs the store was glad to get rid of her which I can't understand because I think she is beautiful.

Then I found these vintage ornaments the other day and the box said 25 cents, which is very unusual  because the thrift-store-vintage-style is big around here and you have to pay what something is worth on ebay normally.

The last part of my project is this grapevine wreath which we sell at our store for $7. These are the main players in my centerpiece and now for the "embellishments"

These are the things I am using to create my centerpiece. Martha's Glitter Assortment, a bit pricey but worth it, some spray-paint, some glue, paper roses, ribbons, dried flowers, pine-cones and maybe a bit of something from my Christmases past. 

I will be finishing up later so stay tuned for the great unveiling! May all your days till Christmas be filled with His Light!
Blessings, Meg

10 December 2009

Last Weeks Pink Saturday

I finally have my NEW PRINTER up and running so I am doing last week's post first.
I am so excited about it ! Hubby said I could get it as my early Christmas Present. 
What fun to scan, print, copy, and edit in the comfort of my own home. 

This picture is a blast from the past.  Every year, right before Christmas, my dad would come home and take all eight of us kids out Christmas Caroling.  Here we are at someone's door singing our little hearts out. I am the second one in from the left.
My Mom is the shortest of the girls there with her hand around my brother. 
I can't remember if I liked  this activity or not but I know that as I got older this type of thing would have embarrassed me. Kinda makes me wonder how many times I have embarrassed my own kids?! 
Sorry guys but I did it in love!
I hope you are enjoying this time of year with all its family traditions and opportunities to
Share the Love of Christ.
It is a Wonderful Life!

Christmas Blessings to you and yours! Meg

05 December 2009

Christmas Past

 I finally am able to post my pics with my new scanner copier photo printer!!!!! I am sharing some memories from Christmas Past. Here we are on Christmas Morning. My Dad and my seven siblings and of course the family dog Mandy.

This picture is the same every year with all of us looking longingly at all the presents under the tree but we couldn't touch them till we had this picture taking ritual.Imagine having eight children before you were 30 years old.That is what my Mom did and now at 75 she has 10 great grands and is still smooching with my Dad on the couch!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings, Meg

01 December 2009

Early December Greetings

It snowed last night!
It seems only natural to get a dusting of snow to begin December . As much as I loathe snow in April, I love it in December. Puts you in the mood  for the most blessed time of year, when we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am beginning to get into the holiday spirit, which is a good thing for me as this time of year is a very difficult one. Memories flood my mind of our loved one lost, my son, Jonathan, who shared 29 years of our lives.  My blessings are the memories and although I cannot explain how they can bring such joy and sadness at the same time,  I am thankful for the part of my life those memories encompassed.
Our Lord is  faithful and continues to fill my life with new people, new opportunities, and new revelation of my purpose in His Kingdom.
I hope you are finding joy, peace and hope as you anticipate the Celebrations and Times of Making Memories with the ones you love as you remember the birth of Christ.
Blessings,   Meg