31 August 2010

Farewell August Blooms

This being the last Tuesday in August I just couldn't miss another Bloomin Tuesday and I, like you Jean, have many pics to share but too little time to blog until after the frost which will be in a couple of weeks here. This is what my garden room looked like today at 8am, as you can see we are beginning to get the bronze red tone of fall, a bitter sweet tone for me who loves summer hot pink right till the very last drop!!
 Here is a picture of one of the stands of Castor Beans that I have planted throughout my property. The fence is 6 feet tall so you can imagine the drama these plants create in just one season! Definitely my kind of plant! I grew many of them to sell but at the last minute decided to keep them because the seed pods and foliage are very poisonous and I didn't feel I could adequately educate my customers and take that responsibility. 
Oh Here's the pink my newest rage more Sedum.This is Matrona and standing near a new one I picked up still in the pot. I am starting to plant some of the things I won't have time to plant in one of my vegetable garden beds and I will plant them next spring in their permanent home.
And here is another fav' Love Lies Bleeding, this gorgeous annual amaranth  produces breathtaking tassels of long [20"] glorious burgundy flowers that topple over their containers, creating another show stopper.I will be picking these this weekend to bring to the Brimfield Antique Show. They look great in my antique sap buckets.
So there you have a sampling of what is blooming at my place this Bloomin Tuesday. This awesome event is hosted by Ms Jean at her Green Thumb Blog. Just hit the button on my sidebar and head on over there for all the latest blooms of the season. Hope you are enjoying these last days of the season. Blessings to you. Meg

25 August 2010

The Backyard Jungle

Back to Blogland- Sunday was the last day of my commitment to this years VBS Day Camp Kids Program and boy am I exhausted! what a great time we had and no rain!!!!
We have had such a great growing season that the garden looks like a jungle. Literally!!!

I have always loved that tropical look and have tried to get a taste of it here in my zone 4 garden and this year Viola!!! Here I am under the Castor Bean plant which gives shade to some Cannas and several Elephant Ears.
 I am taking an online photoshop course so let me know when my photos start to get better. Hubby took this one so it doesn't count! LOL
 I am working on getting my booth ready for Brimfield. Sometimes I think I just go from one high energy situation to the next without a breather in between and then I remember the long New England winters and how much time I will spend just staying warm. And suddenly I am energized again!!!!

I will be back soon to share more of the show and the blessing of our new family addition. But until then Blessings to you. Fondly Meg

09 August 2010

The Wonderful Days of Summer

Greetings from my home and garden,

 Oh Glorious Summer, How I love you, Let me count the ways!!!!!!!!!!

This is why I live in Northern New England, hot clear days, cool nights, emerald green hills, swimming holes, freshly baled hay and cows grazing in the fields. Now that is not what I see in my yard but it is an everyday occurrence around here. Here is what I see when I look out from my perch on my deck. This is what I call my garden room.We spend most of our time out here from May till October and I love it although it is quite a bit of work to keep it up.
 It is fenced in with a little deck and a slider right off my kitchen. We are hoping to put down stone next year because it isn't accessible to mow and the grass grows enough around here to mow every week all summer. I seem to really love the red/pink/purple combo this year and most of what you see are perennials.The gardens are in a circle around the fence leaving approximately a 20 ft circle still to mow. Here is another view, moving around in the  circle.
Come sit awhile!
Hubby was mowing the lawn so I couldn't get too much of the circle but you get the idea. 

Thought some of you would like to see a little peek at our booth as we were setting up on Saturday for our 2nd flea market. I only have a few shots as we had to rush so with the dealers arriving hours before we were ready and then hardly got a break till it was over..... 
My husband is such a great guy!!!!
 But it was fun and a good show and I have now made the commitment to do Brimfield next month, wow I am really getting up in the world! The next shot is of a display in the making with an old splint-wood hamper in white and green peely paint which I made a liner for from an old vintage slipcover, then there is a wire basket bigger than the egg-type which I made a burlap liner for, didn't come home with either of these. 

 The last shot is my daughter and her three gorgeous children. Remember that little guy I received for Christmas? Here he is 7 months old.Love them to pieces!!!!!
I will be busy for the next couple of weeks  as our church hosts a vacation Bible School at a local campground and I am  writing  the program and coordinating the four day event!!
I hope you are having as glorious a summer as we are, I hate to see these days go by but alas, to everything a season......................   Much love to you my friends.    Meg