31 July 2010

The Good Days

Happy Pink Saturday to you,
Just in case you think the only thing I ever photograph is flowers, I thought I would share a couple of pink-finds from my antiquing with one of my baby-grands. 
She was such a sport, at 11 years old I was worried that she would humbug everything but we had a blast even though one of the dealers was rude and crude we got past it.I thought this lamp was wonderful though my DH will have to re-wire it and put a new harp on , it sure has potential don't you think? 
 Now it is always hard for me to resist a pair, must be my decorating training so these vases were a must but not a steal, when I buy for myself, I am sometimes willing to pay more when I know I love something.
 I told my grandgirl that she would be on the blog again and she sorta complained but I know she loves it so here we are at the lake in Maine visiting my folks.
 Before I say good-bye on this the last Saturday in July, I really must show you the aerial view of my garden from the bathroom window.
 I know many of you are at the end of your gardens but ours is producing like gang-busters, great year to garden up north.
Have yourself a wonderful weekend and if you want to see more pink, visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and just follow the pink. Blessings to you, Meg

20 July 2010

Summer Joy

Greetings from the garden and I do mean literally,
I named this post summer joy because as you may have noticed I love this time of year. Seems a bit strange for me to be planted where the summers are so short, but I am sure the Good Lord knew what he was doing when He moved me here.

 Ecclesiastes 3:1" There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven." I think I have a hard time going from one season to another. I hold on so tight or I won't think about the coming changes as if that would stall things for awhile.And Yet all of life is so much change....
So much letting go....

"A season for every activity under heaven..."
Some seasons are just too short, that's all there is to it!

I have my wonderful grand-daughter with me for just a little over a week more.....time goes too fast.... so sad.... she has been in Japan for three years so when I said goodbye to an eight year old I had little idea of what she would be like at 11 and now I don't want to say good-bye anymore!!! I shouldn't be so greedy, her Mom has let her stay a month and since she will be on the east coast now I will see her more. Just me trying to hang on to what I love I don't ever want to say goodbye!
She will always be my sunshine!

So just what else is blooming in my garden? Take a look.......

 I can't remember when the Oriental lilies bloomed at the same time as the day-lilies and the Rudbeckia but here they are all shining in the sun.I have already talked too much so I will let you wander around and see the blossom explosion without me as tour-guide.

  I hope you are enjoying this glorious season of 'growth' as much as I am. My sister reminded me that summer will be half over next weekend so I plan to do the things that are most important and enjoy the season I am in.Blooming where I am planted so to speak! Blessings to You! Meg

This post is a part of Jean's Blooming Tuesday. Just hit my sidebar button and you will get to visit Jean, our host,and travel the world visiting glorious gardens and Blooming Blogs.

17 July 2010

Pink Phlox July Saturday

Greetings from my garden,
I can't believe it has been this long since I have posted,but my life has been overflowing with grand children and boy am I blessed.
 Before I go off and start to work on the items I need to prepare for the flea market I am doing next weekend I have picked you this bouquet with my favorite "Bright Eyes" phlox which is not only gorgeous but the fragrance is heavenly too.Have a wonderful Saturday and I hope it is "pink" and make sure to go back and see Beverly's How Sweet the Sound and your day will overflow with Pink. 
              Blessings to you Meg.