22 July 2011

Home to Stay

Greetings Friends,
My computer and my business have been moved back home for the 4th time and this time it is for good!
So now I can blog again and keep up with all you guys out there in Blogland

I was forced to close my shop, because we just couldn't get the things we were promised when we signed the lease so alas I am working out of my studio again and doing flea markets, shows, custom work, ebay and the like. Great time for me to be home with the gardens and my favorite time of year SUMMER!!!!!
My header pic is my booth at Brimfield and although the crowds were down we sure had a great time and met some awesome people.
Before I say TTFN Here is a pic of the side garden taken today
Hope you are having a wonderful summer even though I know it is record hot most everywhere in the country.
Blessings and have a wonderful weekend.
Yours Truly,

18 March 2011

Pink Photoshop Frame /Spring is finally on its way to the northeast!!!

Happy Saturday Everyone,

     Today was the first day that the temperature was above 50 degrees in about 6 months which to me is a bit of a tease because I know it is still going to be cold but it was a wonderful blessing anyway!
Every year I complain about the long winters but the exuberance I feel when spring arrives just wouldn't be the same anywhere else.
 Today I am sharing some fun I was having on photoshop. I bought 100 vintage postcards and took this pink frame off of one of the birthday cards and the flower is one of the last paperwhites on the windowsill here. Won't be long till we have some bulbs blooming in the yard.
Wander over to Beverly's at How Sweet the Sound and see what everyone else is sharing for Pink Saturday.
Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings Meg

12 March 2011

Pink and Green-Spring Emerging

Happy Pink and Green Saturday,

Pink and Green have always been one of my favorite color combinations. With spring on the way and so many of us waiting with bated breath, I would like to share this glorious tulip that embodies both hues.
St Patrick's day is one of those holidays that I know little about but I know it is customary to say "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to all you Irish so be it, have a wonderful day. This post is linked to Beverly's Pink Saturday so if you love pink, go on over HERE and see everyone's pink and green entries.

Have a Blessed Weekend, Meg

10 March 2011

Just one Blog

Greetings friends,
 It has been too long..............
My life has not been my own for quite some time but I am now claiming some fun time.
We have lived with my daughter and her 5 kids for the last 8 weeks so needless to say I am never alone. My shop has taken much time as I have been trying to keep it looking good all the time. Never mind the mountains of snow and the cold of winter, I just didn't want to do anything. But that is changing as everyday we get a bit more sunshine and I happily anticipate the time in the greenhouse.
 I am getting rid of my other blogs, for some reason I thought that I should keep my shop and my spiritual life on another blog , not sure why separation of blogspace maybe?
But this is my life and it all works together for good. So now I will have "shoptalk", "God talk", "Garden talk", and Family -talk all in the same place. Hope it works for you. It's a wonderful life!!!
Blessings Meg

04 January 2011

Getting Ready for Valentine's

Hello friends,
If anyone would have told me that I could learn how to do photoshop elements a year ago I would not have believed them. But here I am and loving it, thanks to Kim at the Cafe [see my sidebar] I have been following Mary at Greenpaper for a long time and always wanted to do one of her monthly challenges
[she provides the emphemera and you do the creating] but alas never did.

But today I realized that Valentine's Day is just around the corner so I decided to  make a card for my sweetheart and I took her challenge.  Here is what I made.I am going to add a sentiment but haven't figured out what I want to say yet.  Have any ideas????
                                                  Thanks for sharing in my adventures! Blessings Meg

01 January 2011

Happy New Year

Greetings Friends,

It has been so long since I have updated my blog that I hardly know where to start. First I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season with the ones you love and secondly my best wishes to you all for the new year. It would be difficult to go over all the events and emotions of the last months so I will start where I am now.
We've moved our Home Goods to a brick and mortar store rental in an antique old mill in the next town. So I am now a store owner again. I am working on the store blog as well as a website so stay posted. We began really pursuing the larger flea and antique markets this past year as a venue to sell our wares but the next market up this way is May and we will starve if we wait so the storefront became the only avenue for really getting our "Home Goods" out there. Here are a couple pics of our store interior as we were getting ready to open, and I will be back to show you more.

 We took occupancy December 1st and opened December 15, needless to say we have been busy

 I have really missed my followers comments and I hope you are still there my sweet friends!
Blessings for a happy and prosperous New Year as God directs your paths. Fondly Meg