25 October 2010

Children's Children

I t has taken awhile but we [hubby and I ] will finally get to see our youngest baby grand this week. Ok I know I am prejudiced but tell me he isn't the cutest little thing you've seen in a long time!!! Can't help but brag on something so wonderful! Blessings Meg

20 October 2010

God the Restorer / Why I Love My House

Hello Friends,
Sorry it has been so long since I've checked in but so many things needed to be attended to. 
I will post more about that at a later date.
This is my 100th published post and although I have several drafts that I haven't finished yet, today I am celebrating HOME, my favorite place to be in the whole wide world. My house was finished in 1901 and has pretty much been left alone for all these years.You have seen the outside and today I want to show you some of my favorite interior details which have been the same for over 100 years.This is the light fixture at the top of the stairs.These new energy efficient bulbs look a bit weird in old fixtures.

Here is the one in the bathroom, yes that is original etched glass and brass.The one below is at the bottom of the stairs, and I think it is my favorite.
Just in case you are still interested, this one below is in the master bedroom, you'll notice that one socket is not filled because it needs to be repaired one of the draw-backs of original lighting. The last picture is of our glass doorknobs, every one is original. We have glass knobs on the inside and outside of each door, even the closets! 13 doors in all! I love them! Considering that our home was a rental for over 10 years, it is amazing that any of these details are still intact.
 Trying to do our part for the environment but sure don't like the look!
This brings me to the end of my post and the original picture that started this whole day of musing.We are expanding a bathroom, a job that started two years ago and we are just getting back to it now. Actually I am glad it has taken so long  because yesterday as I was looking for a place to take a photo I discovered this wall that was about to be destroyed, and much to my husband's chagrin, I fell in love with the look, now he has to figure a way to keep the beauty of this wall and incorporate it into the new bath/laundry room, not an easy thing for a finish carpenter who likes straight lines and finished sheet rock!
I really do love old things, I struggle with letting go and I although I am not afraid of change, I do want to take everything I cherish from the past along with me for all of my life. Unfortunately this just cannot happen.
This old wall is like me standing between the old and the new, the passage of time continues and this wall will stay but it needs to be "repurposed" to work now.That's me, being repurposed as time passes, by the Hands of a loving God. This past weekend was a milestone for me, I have survived two years of grief and pain since the loss of my dear son Jonathan. I am not the same as I was but so much of the past has made me what I am that I now look forward to the re-purposing.
I am solidly grounded like this wall, I have history, I am a survivor, although so often broken and contrite in spirit, I am ready to tackle the new purposes whatever they may be. And the patina of my image has changed, there is more gray, a settled and more complete sense of  my life's journey, and certainly a renewed desire to be the best I can be.
There is such a paradox of thought as we savor every moment and yet try to get it all in and not miss one opportunity. 
Some things I am learning......................
Relax in the moment, Listen loud, Linger long,  Be as attentive as you can to everyone you meet.
ENJOY YOUR LIFE and everyone around you will be the richer for it.
It is a Wonderful LIFE. Blessings to you all,  Meg