01 February 2010

Buying Seeds

The time has come to order my seeds. I don't know why I always wait till the last minute, but the deadline for the coop order is Saturday so I am going to get the catalog out and figure what I want tonight, ordering seeds and February 1st means that spring is just around the corner.Yeah!!!!!!! We put a greenhouse up last year but I have not blogged about it yet so stay tuned as the seeds will be going in the soil on March 1st, is there anything more exciting than this? .

I copied this picture out of my Smithsonian Garden Journal and although I think it is a gorgeous garden print I also thought that you might enjoy it as a Valentine. I am ordering my seeds from FEDCO SEEDS this year. This company is based in Maine so I know they have the same troubles I have gardening in the northeast. I prefer organic and their catalog is an encyclopedia of information and wonderful humor with great art throughout.They do have a website though www.fedcoseeds .so check it out.You won't be disappointed!Enjoy the days getting longer!!!!!
                                   Blessings Meg


CC said...

Oooo,I love see catalogs...specially the veggie section. I always want one of everything,then when the little garfen plants and onion sets are ready at the feed store and also Wally World,I want several of each of those as well. I love beautiful flowers,but I don't do so well with them, but I can certainly grow wonderful veggies,and ooo,how I love all natural,no pesticide/insecticide for me and my garden.I would so love a greenhouse. *sighs..or perhaps raised beds..

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Meg....So glad you stopped by I was a little concerned about you and your hubby since you said he had been injured. I'm hopeful everything is A-OK now!

I snapped up your sweet image. It will make a beautiful card, don't you think??



Diva Kreszl said...

Hi Meg! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment on my blog, it seems we do have quite a bit in common. Your blog is delightful and I so enjoyed reading about you and your lovely family. I stopped to visit your other blogs as well and learned we also have mission trips in common. Now I can't say I've been overseas but each year we take a group of high school kids to do a week of mission work here in the states. We've been to all corners of the US and this summer we are heading up to New Hampshire. I look forward to following your posts and learning more about you along the way!

Diva Kreszl said...

ps. I love gardening too!!!

Lea said...

Howdy Miss Meg!
DID ya hear me squeeeeal when I read you have a GREENHOUSE?!!!!!!!!!
ARENT you the blessed girl? Ohmigosh! Bet you're sooo happy and ready to get those newly purchased seeds in the peatpots! So what did you order?
I TOTALLY TOTALLY LOVE LOVELOVE THE seed sense graphic you shared. I love it! Oh I said that already. I'm gonna copy it and add it to my garden book I've been working on. I never thought to look up smithsonian gardening. I can hardly wait! Thanks for sharing the graphic. I'll be using it happily.
Happy valentines!

My Grama's Soul said...

Meg...It's me again. Today I've been taking photos of all the lovely things you mailed to me in our Valentine Swap. The Gift Tag Book just blew me away. You put so much work into making it, I can tell.

As I said before, I think my gift pales in comparison; but this was my first swap and perhaps I'll be a little more creative next time.

Thanks again,


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Hi Meg ~ So Happy you stopped by.... I really Love Blogging for the reason that We meet so many Wonderful People~ This Seed Pic is Beautiful & Yes, Perfect for Valentine's Day...
after the Beautiful Sunny Day Yesterday, we have 3" of the Cold White Stuff on the ground & expect another 7" by morning.... A Winter Storm Warning is in Effect, but that's OK, Here in Michigan, We missed So many of the storms this year & Spring will soon be on it's way
Have a Blessed Week

Cathy said...

Hi Meg,

Thank you so much for the link to the seed store. I was going to order some today. I'm glad I now know of a place I can buy organic.

I love the picture too!

xo Cathy