10 February 2010

Vintage Valentine Postcard / A Card for my Valentine

Since Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and I want to get my Pink Saturday post up on time,plus the revealing of the Amour swap is this weekend, I figured I better show you this cute little card before I run out of time and the holiday is completely over.

I went to the drugstore and picked out a great one for my sweetheart and I was so blessed that there are so many to choose from. Hallmark did have the most wonderful cards. Here is the one I bought, and although he is not the biggest dog fan in the world when you find the right words the picture on the outside is secondary. And who wouldn't love those pups.

                                                          Happy Valentine's Day
          to the man
       I want beside me
          for the rest
          of forever.
So this is the card I will give my hubby on Sunday. I hope you have found the perfect card for your Valentine! This should be a big weekend in blogland so make sure you stop by again to see all the pretties!
Have a wonderful day. Blessings Meg

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

You're such a romantic:) Didn't get a card for my honey yet, but plan on it. Wish I could see one of the 85+ homemade valentines. Any pictures to post? Question, did you buy your seeds yet? I will stop by again this weekend to see all of the pretties in blogland.