14 February 2010

Revealing Our Swap Partners/ Best Valentine's Day Ever

I must admit being a part of Cathy's Amour Swap made Valentines come along early and last a long time. I do get a bit confused at what I am supposed to show whether it is what I sent or what I received or both, so today I will show you what I photographed of what I sent and tomorrow what I received and just mix it up. So here goes. Cathy had suggested that we buy a heart shaped box but I found this great vintage box at the thrift store so I covered it in some of my scrap booking paper and distressed it.

 Most of the items I sent I made and they were all of the gift nature but not every one was of the valentine venue.I made some linen lavender sachets which I closed with  wooden leaf buttons
 And because no Valentine would be right without chocolate, I sent some Ghirardelli Raspberry filled chocolates with a heart and ribbon flower pin decoration.
My favorite scrap booking technique is making gift tags and here are a few of the ones I made for my new friend Josette at My Grammas Soul.

I purchased a letter J and covered it in pink and brown glitz! Us girls never outgrow our love for shimmer and shiny things you know!
 I have been collecting these vintage cookie cutter hearts so I put three together and made an ornament with a glitzy rhinestone button at the center.

More Gift Tags, Some Flower Seals, Note-cards and a book about Monet's Garden filled the package to my new friend and  swap partner Josette.Stay tuned as I show all the great things Josette sent to me! 
I just love presents don't you? Blessings Meg


sandy said...

I was involved in the swap and I'm trying to go through and see as many of the blogs on the list as possible. It was my first swap and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!
Hob Nobbers

the sassy beach said...

WOW! What fun this was! I had a blast! Can't wait untill next year to do it again
Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!
hugs sassy gail www.thesassybeach.com
I will try to make it ack tomorrow to see what you received

Shabby Shan said...

I love all of the pretty goodies you sent to your swap partner! This swap has been so much fun!

Shabby Shan's Cottage