24 February 2010

Flower Show Surprise

Amaryllis in Profusion!
What a great weekend we just had. We went to CT for my Mom's 75th birthday . I went a few days early because I was to make the cake with my two grand-daughters when they returned home from school on Friday. 
While driving them to school, the radio announced that today was day two of the CT Flower Show and guess what? I was only two miles away. 
Do you know what I did while they were at school. You guessed it! Three hours alone at a flower show in February smelling daffodils, looking at gardens, seeds to buy , garden gloves and just breathing in a taste or should I say a tease of spring!
Can you imagine having this many blossoms at one time?
Unfortunately my camera's zoom got stuck right after I took these pictures so all I have to show you is these glorious pictures of amaryllis. 
I probably should have saved this one for Pink Saturday.
Certainly all creation sings of God's Glory as evident in these pictures!!!
Hope you are having a great week. It is snowing here now 10" on the ground and 10" more to come overnight and spring is just one month away. Blessings to you Meg


Carol at Serendipity said...

What beautiful pictures. I hope your camera is fixed!

Have a great week!


My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Meg!!!!! Those pictures are too breathtaking for words. Who knew there were so many kinds of amaryllis out there.

In AZ we can grow so few of them. How lucky you are to be able to enjoy such a delight.



Jenny Fowler said...

Oh they are beautiful!! Is it time for flowers yet? We had snow today!! :(