09 February 2010

85+ Handmade Valentines

This is my 50th post, a major accomplishment for me since I can't type and I learned to post a picture by accident and then had to ask someone how I did it, lol, the tools of my trade have always been needle and thread but it sure is fun to learn new things!
This past weekend my son visited with his two daughters and my daughter came over with her two daughters and the baby and we made valentines for all their classmates and would you believe it I have no pictures of the event!!!!
Now we didn't just make ordinary Valentines we went crazy with the details!!! You see my training is in wedding gowns so I know about detail!!!Each one of the girls had 20 classmates and then little Izzy in preschool had 5 teachers and you know that no two could be alike because we wanted everyone to know how special they are !       
Have a great week, Meg


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Meg,

Sounds like you had a great time making the special Valentines.

Oh, and I think every post I make is an accomplishment...hehehe :0) Oh my...I think that blogging is really all from the heart considering we share our experiences with the whole world. :0)

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time!
I never thought I would have anything special to post about either & here I am over 300!!
Don't cha' love it??
Happy Valentine's Day!