08 April 2010

Early Spring

Hello Girlfriends
I don't think that an early spring changes much, except maybe I will worry more about whether my early flowers will survive a hard frost that we are sure to get this being only the very beginning of April. Heck we could easily get a foot of snow between now and Mother's Day. But all that being said, it is sure awesome to have garden flowers in bloom and these few warm sunny days to enjoy.These pictures are my garlic bed. Last year at this time I was wondering if the garlic [still buried under snow]  would come up or not since I had planted them when the ground was frozen right after Thanksgiving and literally buried them with chunks of frozen ground and leaves. But I had a wonderful harvest and just used the last bulb a couple of days ago.
  They kinda look like daffodils at this point but that will all change as spring gives way to summer and the days get warmer and warmer. If you have a garden, you just must grow some garlic.It is the last thing you plant in the fall making the gardening season a bit longer and then it is harvested sometime in late July or early August.Everyone around here brags about the scapes that are like little baby garlic treats we fry up with a bit of butter several weeks before the final harvest. It is a bit mysterious the way garlic stays under the ground all winter and then comes up super early in spring
We only do organic gardening here and have had great success with garlic.Knowing we have prepared ahead and now have good fertile soil assures us we have done our part for a good harvest. My favorite parables that Jesus told were about sowing and reaping and the good vs the hard soils, things we have control over both in the natural and the spiritual. So much of our spiritual life can be paralleled with gardening, we will reap what we sow both now and throughout eternity. Spending a bit more time in preparing the soil of your heart and then planting good seed will reward you with a great harvest.
                                Enjoying time in the Son, blessings Meg


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post.....I so love gardening! Anything planted, veg or flower or foliage!
I can remember my Dad planted Horseradish & it literally took his garden tractor to pull it out!!
((I never acquired a taste for it...)) LOL!!

Lea said...

Gonna go read more....

Fete et Fleur said...

I love Garlic!! It really is a wonderful herb. Thank you so much for your visit.