04 January 2010

The Cost of Organization or Disorganized Disaster

     My husband and I waited for the holiday season to be over before we began the re-organization of our lives project.Now that our beautiful daughter has her little baby boy and everyone is back to their normal lives we are ready to begin.We plan to spend the whole month on this activity and have broken it into little doable projects and put our steps and ideas down on paper. Hubby does not want me to show any before pictures but alas how will you know how great it is if you can't see where it began!

How we arrived at this crossroad: Remember this did not happen overnight!!!! We have had several of our family members move in and out the last three years and everyone without fail has left oodles of stuff here and me being the guardian of memories and sentiment as well as family traditions, I made no attempt to get rid of anything or even threaten to throw anything away! I myself am an avid collector, seamstress and crafter who can find a use for anything, someday.....

       Well enough is enough and now we must proceed to unclutter our lives, beginning in the basement or laying the foundation! As I write this my SH is on his way to buy the first lumber for our project, six 16 ft long 12" wide boards to build shelves in the basement total cost $105.The shelves will run the whole 16' wall with plenty of space for paint, light bulbs, hardware, plumbing supplies and all the other things you know you have but just can't seem to find them! 
 Believe it or not our spiritual lives can run parallel to our life in the natural and at times needs to be un-cluttered. How many great devotionals do you have that you never read, how many packages of beautiful notecards that just didn't get sent, cds or worse boxes of cassette tapes that will never be played or how often does someone or something interrupt your quiet time and you never quite get back to it, are you like me afraid to give away or throw away all that great stuff because it just might be useful, you just might need it? A good friend of mine [someone organized beyond measure] told me that all these "things" remain baggage or open loops as she called them in our brains and do not allow us the perfect peace that our spirits so need to grow. Guess what? I have no guilt or condemnation at all just the desire to start the process and take it one day at a time. You've gotta start somewhere, so here we go Lord beginning the journey to peace with the stuff.
                                           Having a great time on this journey, yours truly, Meg


Shirl said...

Hello Meg, thank you so much for stopping by. I'm still making my Pink Saturday visits. Love all your recent posts! Congrats on your Grandson, he is adorable!
Your blog is beautiful, loved your amerilis bulb. Mine did not bloom this year. Darn, still have hope though.
Have a great week.
Shirls Rose Cottage

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Mes, Got your kind comment this AM. I, too, look forward to swapping with you. I've joined this site, since you have a few; I wasn't sure which one would be the best to follow.

Look forward to visiting,


My Grama's Soul said...

Sorry for the typo in your name. My fingers often do not go where planned.



kanishk said...

I hope you continue, I love all the pretty things you share, but really you should do it because YOU love it!

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