15 January 2010

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

I haven't blogged for awhile and I was actually thinking about giving it up. Does anyone read it anyway I ask myself and then I meet a friend who doesn't blog and isn't even a follower but somehow she found my blog and she confirms that I haven't been around in blogland and maybe people do read it she says [ since she does ] and they just don't comment. I wonder??? I read alot more blogs than I comment on so I wonder if  anyone else does the same. I guess  we all need encouragement sometimes so, I think I will take much better notice when I visit my blog friends and stop long enough to say ..........   
Hello Again Friend!!!

     I am working on my package for the Amour Valentine Swap and I've been digging through some old stuff for inspiration.
"Oh Look! Here's my Garden Journal, and only nine weeks left till spring!!!!"

We had such great plans to get all the shelving done in the basement and work on the filing system this month and the list goes on and on and just  as we were getting ready to tackle the basement my DH took a wicked fall on the ice and tore a muscle in his shoulder and boy  has he been in pain. So consequently the " Let's get organized shout" that resounded from the walls of our humble abode has turned into a still small voice awaiting better days and healing.
Hubby You are the BEST!

Remember when I bought these great vintage postcards? Here are a few for you to enjoy.This genteel lady is outstanding don't you think?

Enjoy your weekend and do have fun!!!

  Blessings to you all! Meg 


Dawn said...

I think you are right! I don't always comment at each blog I read. There are various reasons, sometimes its because I'm going past my computer time and the kids or hubby wants on. Sometimes I get distracted by a link and don't find my way back right away.

I hope you continue, I love all the pretty things you share, but really you should do it because YOU love it!

Dawn said...

Almost forgot, I hope your husband feels better soon. That sounds awfuly painful!

Carol at Serendipity said...


I don't always comment but I try to. I don't think there is any rhyme or reason to the commenting. Posts that I think are marvelous receive 1 or 2 comments! Go figure....


Anonymous said...

....I sometimes think of the time to answer all the blogs & think "what am I doing this for??" But then I hear from a blog friend via email or read a funny post & then I remember. It is just a new way to communicate & we all need the human touch at times.....
Have a Wonderful Day!

Cathy said...

Hi Meg,

I was just treating my to an afternoon of rest. It's funny you mention the blog writing dilemma too. I wonder how some ladies get 50 comments every day on their blog posts and I'm lucky to have one or two.

I actually posted on about 20 - 30 blogs today and still only received a few responses. I was going to ask tomorrow (on my blog) "What makes you leave a comment on someone's blog?" and "What makes you a follower of someone's blog?"

Meg wouldn't it be interesting to know just how it all works? 'Cause I know when thing, it boggles my mind. My goal for 2010 is to have 1000 following me. hehehe. Good goal, but have no clue how to make it happen. Maybe we can figure it out together.

9 more weeks til spring and gardening. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

xo Cathy

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

It worked!! You left a Comment and I'm Here to say Thanks and Comment on Your Outstanding Valentines! Which BTW are very different from some other Vintage Cards I've seen so far. The Heart of Roses is truly Lovely! I'd like to invite you back to CollectInTexas Gal for my BlogginBirthday Party and to SignUp for the GiveAway. Come anytime this coming week, there'll be goodies and favors with the Winners announced next Pink Saturday, January 23rd. Hope to see ya there!

Vicki said...

Hello, my sweet friend,
I am glad you are continuing with your blog! I love these beautiful images you are sharing with us! I am sorry about hubby's accident. Hope he heals very quickly! I can hardly wait until spring, can you? I long to be in my garden with my hands in the dirt! Have a blessed weekend! Vicki

Jenny said...

Hi Meg, you can put a counter on your blog to show how many visits you get - even without comments - that might help. Love your vintage Valentines. I have a box of them somewhere in the clutter that I need to look for!

Quilt Works said...

Thank you for a warm welcome to pink saturday!

I love your blogs - you are so creative! And I enjoy reading your writing too. The night photo below is sstunning! Baby is very very cute :-)

My Grama's Soul said...


Thanks for stopping by to say hi. I'll mail my box next week as well I'm looking forward to our exchange.

Loved your vintage post cards.

p.s. I read your post!

Kathleen said...

Well, finally, after all of these months of reading your blog, I am learning how to comment. Yeah! Great job, younger sister. Bet that grandson of yours never wears pink LOL.

kanishk said...

The night photo below is stunning! Baby is very very cute.

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