12 November 2009

Overjoyed by my Son's Return Halleluia!!!!!!!

I wish I could have been in Dallas today as this handsome son of mine got off the plane. Thank you people for always meeting the planes and letting these guys know they are appreciated by their fellow Americans. He's on his way back to WA so I probably won't see him until February but we are overjoyed to have him in the states. What a blessing that his wife was in Texas staying with her mother and was able to surprise him, before he got right back on another plane to Seattle. They will be re-united next week when he goes to bring his family back to the Tacoma area. Welcome Home Bubba!

We Love You Guys!! 


Anonymous said...

So-o-o-o Happy for you just to know he is on American Soil!!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

A Garden of Threads said...

Wow, I have a son in the Canadian Army. He was in Afghanistan from Sept. 08 to May 09. A very stressful time as you will know. Glad your son is home. Take care.