14 November 2009

My November Pinks

Greeting to you all on this wonderful day in November.
Today it is raining in Vermont and I am glad it isn't snowing yet. Last year we had snow by now so I am enjoying still seeing the green grass.Today for pink Saturday I am showing this little hand painted metal basket. It is so shabby vintage and I plan to put it in the shop or sell it online. I just had to get a picture of it before it went. I 've always wished that I could paint. Is that a talent one is born with or can you actually learn to do this?

This is a pillow that I had for sale at my shop. It is a gorgeous vintage fabric with these huge bouquets. I am so glad that it didn't sell because I am re-doing my living room in a botanical theme [big surprise huh?] and this pillow works perfect. I'll show you more as I progress. But I do want to tell you that I painted the walls this gorgeous chocolate brown and  it makes an awesome back drop to all the other colors. Everything just pops!

Now, I want to show you all my adventures in computer land. As of  a year ago the only thing I could do on the computer was get my e-mail so when I put together this collage of my summer pics I must admit I was pretty proud! He he, he, you can teach an old dog new tricks!!! 

 Be sure to go to Beverly's How Sweet the Sound [she's the pink Saturday queen] Bless her heart. Once there you can see the list of all the other pink enthusiasts.Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love. Blessings Meg


Light and Voices said...

Nice collage. Happy Pink Saturday.
Joyce M

Deb said...

Hi Meg
Thank you for stopping by this morning. Beautiful collage! Your garden is wonderful. And Welcome Home to your son ♥

Mary said...

What a lovely collage. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

Tami said...

Hi Meg..that collage is so pretty..Hope you are having a wonderful pink Saturday!
xo Tami

Betzie said...

I would love to be able to paint as well...love that tray and the aqua background. HPS!

Elizabeth said...

I've been using computers in some way shape or form for 30 years, and still get excited when I do something new. Congrats on your awesome mosaic! And you have a nice, simple, organized blog. Many newbies junk it up with all sorts of music, videos and flashies!
Hope you'll be stopping by for a PS visit! While there, check out the NE Bloggers on my right side bar. Leave a comment if you're interested.

Karen said...

Hi there! I have you down as participating in tomorrow's Doors of Welcome. Thanks for joining in! Karen

Vicki said...

Meg, I am praising God that your son is safely home again! I know your heart can rest easier now. When Aaron was in Iraq, I don't think I really had a good night's rest the entire time he was there. I am loving that pretty blue basket. I don't paint either. I think you need patience for that, and I admit I am not a very patient person. Your pillow is so lovely, too. I know it is looking pretty as you are changing paint color and all. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Pink Saturday to you! Vicki

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Meg! You are in Vermont? I have never ever ever met anyone online that lives in Vermont! We are all isolated in Stowe, which I whine about on a daily basis. It's been three years now since we moved here from Dallas. What a change...I feel like I am living in a different century and country.

I love that handpainted basket and your pillow is darling. Of course, I am a fabric addict and vintage is always best.

Please stop by, I am getting better at keeping all this loneliness inside so I promise not to whine anymore in my blog.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Be sure to stop by to enter my gift certificate giveaway! Leave a comment so I know you were there!

Betzie said...

Thanks for your thought provoking comment on my blog Meg! Very true and we best enjoy our age right now as we will never get it back again!
Blessings to you and yours!

Vintage To Chic said...

Hi Meg, Keep the snow in your part of the country when it arrives, I only like it to snow on Christmas Eve for a whle. Hope you have a great week,

Vicki said...

Hi, Meg,
Everything looks perfect for me. Your pictures are only showing up once and everything seems to be working fine. Hope this helps you! Vicki

Vintage To Chic said...

good morning Meg, I do have a couple more pairs of skates that I can paint so I will sell you these if you want them.. will be $60.00 for the pair with the shipping included. let me know , i can bill you through paypal if you like. my email is judysplaceinwv@aol.com

someplace in thyme said...

I think your pillow is a complete delight and I love your mosaic. I am still trying to do that, getting there, but just haven't had the time to spend on it. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Before I say Happy Pink Saturday I want to tell you how thrilled I am for you to have your son back on American soil and God bless him for the job he does. I bet he was so so happy to see his bride there waiting for him. Your pillow is delightful and congratulations on the new soon to be baby boy. ~ Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn HPS