11 November 2009

Meaningful Veteran's Day

This is my son, Seth. He is a Captain in the United States Army.
He is finishing up a deployment in Iraq and we can't wait to have him on American soil again. Notice the wedding band, he was married 5 months before his deployment. The sacrifices the military must make to keep us free are amazing and their willingness to do so is honorable to say the least.
You are all our Heroes!
I am so proud of you Captain Seth and I honor you and all our military this Veterans Day! 
Thank You and may God keep you safe!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Meg!
What a beautiful tribute to your handsome young son Seth. When will he be coming home from Iraq? I will add him to my pray for safety list. Thank you for sharing this beautiful Veteran's Day with me today. Please stop by and read my tribute to my Veterans. Country hugs sweetie, Sherry

Carol at Serendipity said...


Blessings to you and your family on this Veterans' Day.