09 August 2010

The Wonderful Days of Summer

Greetings from my home and garden,

 Oh Glorious Summer, How I love you, Let me count the ways!!!!!!!!!!

This is why I live in Northern New England, hot clear days, cool nights, emerald green hills, swimming holes, freshly baled hay and cows grazing in the fields. Now that is not what I see in my yard but it is an everyday occurrence around here. Here is what I see when I look out from my perch on my deck. This is what I call my garden room.We spend most of our time out here from May till October and I love it although it is quite a bit of work to keep it up.
 It is fenced in with a little deck and a slider right off my kitchen. We are hoping to put down stone next year because it isn't accessible to mow and the grass grows enough around here to mow every week all summer. I seem to really love the red/pink/purple combo this year and most of what you see are perennials.The gardens are in a circle around the fence leaving approximately a 20 ft circle still to mow. Here is another view, moving around in the  circle.
Come sit awhile!
Hubby was mowing the lawn so I couldn't get too much of the circle but you get the idea. 

Thought some of you would like to see a little peek at our booth as we were setting up on Saturday for our 2nd flea market. I only have a few shots as we had to rush so with the dealers arriving hours before we were ready and then hardly got a break till it was over..... 
My husband is such a great guy!!!!
 But it was fun and a good show and I have now made the commitment to do Brimfield next month, wow I am really getting up in the world! The next shot is of a display in the making with an old splint-wood hamper in white and green peely paint which I made a liner for from an old vintage slipcover, then there is a wire basket bigger than the egg-type which I made a burlap liner for, didn't come home with either of these. 

 The last shot is my daughter and her three gorgeous children. Remember that little guy I received for Christmas? Here he is 7 months old.Love them to pieces!!!!!
I will be busy for the next couple of weeks  as our church hosts a vacation Bible School at a local campground and I am  writing  the program and coordinating the four day event!!
I hope you are having as glorious a summer as we are, I hate to see these days go by but alas, to everything a season......................   Much love to you my friends.    Meg


Anonymous said...

NE Pa. is "furnace hot" today with more tomorrow!! Am really looking forward to the cool mountain air of Fall!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

The Redneck Rosarian said...

Great post. Hope your VBS goes well. They are always so much fun....

Lori Zehr said...

Lovely flowers. It's hot here in Michigan and my garden is a mess. I refuse to work in the awful heat. Waiting for a good rain to make weed pulling easier. I'd love to be a flea marketer! Sounds like a big job writing Bible school programs. I am a writer and have thought of writing curriculum for Sunday schools, but never got brave enough yet! God Bless!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful flowers, lovely view in your back yard.

Hoping your VBS is "successful" -- children attentive, Bible truths assimilated, injury free, etc.

Congratulations on selling those lovelies! And blessings on your Brimfield booth.

Karen said...

Beautiful garden, I can see why you spend free time there, enjoying it! Wonderful crafts for the flea market, too.

Marydon said...

Your backyard gardens are lovely. I could truly enjoy a lot of time out there.

Your little kid-ling is adorable!

Have a lovely summer's day ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Your garden is sooooo beautiful! Good luck with your Brimfield booth!


Jacque said...

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