25 August 2010

The Backyard Jungle

Back to Blogland- Sunday was the last day of my commitment to this years VBS Day Camp Kids Program and boy am I exhausted! what a great time we had and no rain!!!!
We have had such a great growing season that the garden looks like a jungle. Literally!!!

I have always loved that tropical look and have tried to get a taste of it here in my zone 4 garden and this year Viola!!! Here I am under the Castor Bean plant which gives shade to some Cannas and several Elephant Ears.
 I am taking an online photoshop course so let me know when my photos start to get better. Hubby took this one so it doesn't count! LOL
 I am working on getting my booth ready for Brimfield. Sometimes I think I just go from one high energy situation to the next without a breather in between and then I remember the long New England winters and how much time I will spend just staying warm. And suddenly I am energized again!!!!

I will be back soon to share more of the show and the blessing of our new family addition. But until then Blessings to you. Fondly Meg


Lori Zehr said...

Wow, Meg! Just as I finished posting the first blog in a long time, I noticed you had done the same! Glad to find your post! Do you have a flea market business? I'm curious. Around here there are none close enough to be real convenient. The economy has ground to a halt in some ways here and it's hard to pick up any extra change! What do you sell?

Anonymous said...

Won't be long before we will be trying to stay warm. We are fairly cool her in NE Pa. today... in the 60's but going back up next week!
Have a Great Day!

Rebecca said...

Blessings on your Brimfield adventure! Looking forward to seeing more of the show AND the "new addition"!

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Wow! That is some garden. I know what you mean about the winter! But I seem to do the opposite. I tell myself that "it's a winter project" and yet I never seem to get it done, ha!