23 September 2010

29 degrees-Goodbye Summer 2010

Greetings from the north country,

I think I don't like goodbyes!!         No, I know I don't like goodbyes!!

Last night was our first frost and the end of the bright colors of summer in my garden. Goodbye tomatoes, goodbye summer squash, goodbye pole-beans, and goodbye beautiful zinnias. Goodbye warm and wonderful sun on my back as I till my own little Eden.

I am however so blessed that the greenhouse was able to welcome many of my container gardens and I will have them around for another month or so. I will truly enjoy this!
As much as i don't like goodbyes, I do like to meet new people and learn new things. My header is my first attempt at a banner mosaic and although I will probably change it often with new pictures, it shows some of the things I have learned at an e-photoshop class created by Kim Klassen at her cafe.She has two classes and many video tutorials on her sight, and she is a great teacher.Below is just me playing with texture.
  It is the best $29 I have ever spent.I am putting her button on my sidebar so you can go there and check it out. 
              I also must give credit to the background fairy for the label I used on the french flower bucket [in my header banner] which came from her collection of wonderful vintage graphics found at her blog. Button on sidebar too! . I am still working on my photo watermark but I think I need to do that class again. May you enjoy this very colorful time of year knowing it is very short lived!!! Blessings to you  Meg


Rebecca said...

Is this a little early for you? Hardly seems possible - we've had heat a few days lately...but supposed to be back to autumn-like temps this weekend...

Your photography skills just keep improving! Good for you.

Karen said...

I know just how you feel. I'm not ready for fall yet, either, though I know it's inevitable. (And I was grumpy when it was so hot and humid and already I'm longing for summer again!) I love your new banner!

Lori Zehr said...

Good to hear from you, Meg! I'm longing for fall. It was almost 90 here yesterday. I'm not a lover of the hot weather. Our corn harvest is almost done, though. Unusually early. I've been spinning at our local county fair all week. I agree--learning new stuff is such fun! Blessings.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Meg. Oh, no, not frost. I am so not ready for the end of the flowers and summer. You are fortunate to have a greenhouse though.
Have a wonderful weekend!