13 May 2010

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Lilacs

Hard frosts every night!!!!!! I had hoped that the damage would not be much but unfortunately the perennials showed up before it was their time and Consequently we have loses. I thought to myself last week, as I counted the lilac buds that "I should bring those lilacs in and force them" since this is their third year and finally enough for a bouquet. But He who hesitates looses................Here is what the several nights of low 20 degree weather has done to my not quite open lilac blossoms.
     They pretty much all look like this and what a shame as every May I so look forward to the lilacs and their heavenly fragrance and now no blossoms till next year.
And then there are the 45 or so Hostas that look like lettuce that was too close to the freezer! Only good thing is they will come back this season and finish up splendidly!
Gardening is like Life, victories and loses / ups and downs / sunshine and rain /joy and sorrow always making the most of the many blessings we have and trusting God to make the difference when the path is difficult.
We had tried for several nights to cover everything and then just surrendered knowing that the Greatest Gardener has everything figured out after all He created all this beauty and aren't we reminded
"Every branch that does not bear fruit, He reserves the right to prune."
I would rather be pruned and live then be left to my own devises and die on the vine. 
God is in control even when I am out of control!!!!!!! 
So back I go to the greenhouse to do some transplanting and contemplation about how I am growing in His Grace and His Love.I think the test right now is patience! Be Blessed in the Son, fondly Meg


Amy said...

I enjoyed looking at your beautiful blog. Thanks for visiting mine, as well. I hope one day my son asks me..."Mom, what were those flowers that we had in our garden that....?" Obviously you have built good memories.

noel said...

aloha meg,

i'm enjoying my first visit to your garden and blog...and the first thing i see are your lovely lilacs...aaah i can almost smell it all the way to hawaii...i can see how you love your garden and the food you grow that you make amazing meals with...thanks for sharing this :)